12 years but she is not my husband's father

Me and him know each other when I was her new college students. He than I am 7 years old but already is the head of a foreign company are earning quite. Four years later I became his wife. After the wedding her husband's parents for taking us out to private homes. I love and know how to interest the wife. Although busy at work but when you have free time I extra home work. The holidays or anniversaries of both of you are sort of time to the kitchen hand dish tasty cooking for me (I Cook quite tasty).

Friends and family who are also excited when I get a husband like you. Time lapse, to 5 years after the date of our wedding still nothing yet (the first two years the couple I plan). I started to worry, go visit. The result I'm perfectly normal, you poor sperm mobility rate (the chance to have children is 5% or lower). He's sad and shocked many, doctors encourage spouses should I try artificial insemination.

7 more years passed but are disappointed fraught. Family pressures meant that he often sounding, understand that the more I hurt you more. For each failure, look at you crying I can't please the pliers. Who tells where have my spouse or remedy the same search but no results.

The company has a Vice boss like me from a long time, I know that but always expressed clearly because my husband loves itself and does not want to do anything at fault with her husband. Married 12 years that has yet to have a baby so I wrote at my resentment divorce. That afternoon, the Agency had parties for completing the project, sad and angry he should do I have too much to drink, though she never drank, if there is also very little, never drunk to know nothing like that day. At that time the main boss took me to the hotel instead of take home, am woke up I had reviled him, maybe even worse then resigned in the company. Before that my husband had decided to make the ceo for a branch to the South but remained disturbed yet accepted the invitation. Things happen, I take that excuse to leave, and then he moved into Stadium South of environmental change, luck will go to us and uk agree.

Look at my husband, baby chair that my day end too (artwork)

A month later I found myself pregnant, notify her husband (I don't doubt because we just went to Singapore last additional fertilization). He shouted for joy, thinking eventually he also does not betray. The day after that just runs out do you immediately traveled home, worried a little of each. The whole House is also very fun, I know you're waiting very long but how do you stand when the child knows I'm not your son. Five months passed, said children are carrying is his son as excited. Look at you, baby chair baby in the belly, dark night cuddling my belly, and then told to stuff enough, my tears keep flowing long. He grabbed my hand saying: "the last time I struggled and then, thank you, I very happy". Listen to you I feel worse.

And then my son was born, I beg leave to be at least 5 minutes, look at you rather clumsy BIM, closing the Bong child care makes me more. During the 12 years of marriage I both wholeheartedly with her husband, has never done anything at fault. When his pregnant, though it's not your son but I remain resolutely kept back because as he, I'm longing for a child.

Feathers, two sleeping father look good I don't why quit feeling guilty. Hour night of sleep I'm startled awake, saw the mood of insecurity. Whether I should tell my husband know and ask you to forgive? Actually I very love you, don't want to lose you. Or do I keep silent and buried this truth but if so how can live with the insecurity in the heart? Please share with me.=


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