2 manifestations show that men have changed their hearts, women do not blindly lest hurt yourself

Do not listen and despise your views

If a man truly loves you, he will listen and take your views seriously. Especially when married, everything big and small in the house will discuss with you. Love is a bridge to help men and women get together. However, being able to stick together sustainably for the rest of your life requires respect. So, if a man despises women's opinions, that is, he despises your ideas and emotions.

Men do not listen and disregard the views of women, every word you say, or just innocuous sentences, become bothersome and excessive. As long as you speak up, he feels annoying and superfluous, never minding or paying attention. Even when a woman is in a sad situation, needs to confide, he will only see it as bullshit, obstinate do not want to understand. Men, once disdain of the words of women, meant that there was no longer enough love for her anymore, even exhausted love.

Shame on introducing you to others

My father has a saying: Love anyone who loves the way. If a man truly loves women, he will accept and tolerate all your shortcomings. On the contrary, he is ashamed of your appearance / background, even denying you are his girlfriend / wife. At that time, women were forced to seriously consider this relationship.

If there is a woman in the heart, a sincere heart, a man will accept everything. Even protect you against the tongue, boneless, disparaging, gossip of the world. Even though you're not excellent, in their eyes you are the best. Although you are ugly, in their eyes, the wife is a person with a good heart, no one else can compare. Women should remember, once a man rejects himself, sooner or later will betray, leaving you behind others.