5 ways to know if your husband is having an affair, even if he wipes his messages and call history

1. Turn off the phone often or do not answer the phone of his wife

If your husband often turns off his phone when he goes somewhere without him, he is hiding something. If he turned off the phone 1 or 2 times for work reasons, busy meetings, you can sympathize. But he always switches off the phone often, proving that he is with his lover, sisters, do not be gentle.


2. Delete messages and call history

Men adultery often text, call the girl. And of course, after each message, call, he will immediately delete all messages, outgoing calls so you do not detect. So if the call log is always empty, then he proves that he has an affair.

3. Sneak up on the phone

When there is a friend at his side, his phone has an incoming call or an alarm message, he often worries, falts, and doesn't dare to hear that the number of the garbage machine is not believed. Because the adulter only licks, or he will carefree to answer the phone before your eyes.

4. Keep your phone with you all day

A man who has done something wrong with his wife always keeps his phone with him 24/24 because he is afraid of his wife holding the phone, he will discover his secret. If you see your husband holding the phone while taking a shower, cleaning, and sleeping, then he is hiding something from you.

5. Retrieve deleted messages


This is the best way to tell if your husband has an affair or not. To get the message that your husband has erased before, you only need to sign up for the network message and phone checking service that your husband is using, by registering for an account at the network he uses. Shortly thereafter, the network will send the message again and the last step you just need to confirm, the network will automatically send you the stacked messages, phone numbers he frequently contacted previously deleted.