99% of men who are bored with wives all have these 5 signs, so women should be alert early to lose their husbands

1. Or comparing a wife with another woman

Men do not inherently like insinuations, the views are always clear. In particular, they did not like to compare their wives with anyone, but if a man is always looking for his wife's small mistakes and comparing them with other women, he is actually getting bored. My wife already.

2. Irritated often, causing trouble with his wife


Men who are bored with wives are often not sweet and gentle with their wives, they often complain, always pouring all their frustrations on their heads. In this case, the best thing is that women should not make sound, instead choose to gently encourage and encourage her husband.

3. Leaving aside the 'blanket' story

A bored man often understands that it is not often demanding and close to his wife. Instead of fulfilling their obligations, if your husband exhibits this expression, he may be thinking of outside relationships.

4. Create distance with your wife


Usually the man who loves his wife wishes to have every second to go home with his wife and children. On the contrary, if a man is bored with his wife, they will find ways to get home as late as possible. They no longer want to meet their wives, always take up business reasons, go on business trips to avoid their wives.

5. See if all mistakes are made by your wife

Once the husband is bored with you, whatever you do, he will find it eyesore and then blame you. The story of children, mother-in-law matters - he sees you as a source of conflict. The husband blames his wife simply because he wants to divorce his wife.