About dark behind the perfect marriage

She realized that, get out your inmost mind suffering and the decision will not make you more confused. My sister myself will not advance deeper into his life, return ...

(Phunutoday)-on the surface, they are a perfect couple, a marriage happy, but inside the casing, they are two beautiful people vulnerable. They live together in the same House, sleeping on the same bed, treat each other very well, but do not have love and never even kissed. They came together only to cloaking his differences and to continue to live their extraordinary lives without being who denigrate, prohibited.[links] Two separate worlds of happy marriages

She stumbled on the Web, in a marriage broker site, on a summer night of sleeplessness. According to the introduction, you have stable careers, income, can grant you the life cycle of a full life, well, everything in the uk are standard to make a good husband, except for the "bargain" that your partner will not be involved in your own life in any circumstances and must accept that each person have a secret can not share.

She read the inscription and any sensory smiling, this human right is people are the hard to find. Through the exchange of neat, clear and full agreement, they agreed to meet each other. , At the Café, on the familiar double vodka, she has compiled a "marriage contract" and quickly find their concurred from the uk.  

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I love my sister but could not come with me because you're young there can not live without you. (Artwork)

Don't take the learn, many dating, they rushed about launches family. In the eyes of his parents, his sister is her daughter-in-law Prasanth, beautiful, also in view of his parents, he is the brightest guy promising. Together, they played the very first screen of a hit soap opera, so much so that all the people are convinced that they are a couple of self reincarnations, is born for each other.

Just the right two weeks after seeing the first image on the network, they do wedding, juicy presence, blessings of all relatives, friends. She smiled as if it's the happiest day of her life. , Which is also the day my sister happy.

Marry me, I managed to escape the poverty of families, single life goodbye with these boys are always welcome, the pursuit of hunting. From here, you can play freely, as birds.

So, under the name of a person who already has a wife, no one can doubt, soy sauce FRY about the gender of English as well as his relationship with you under the course students. You can freely, in accordance with what the living creator has for you. This marriage, no one suffered any damage.

She moved in in a luxury apartment, just focus on writing, also did not have to worry to the money, a homemaker. You go all day, she especially biền care. She has her own world, as well as the uk.

Has for many years now, I can't live without alcohol. Whenever a deadlock in life, of creativity, she again found to slightly spicy glaze. Gradually, I also find spicy anymore, all just left a feeling of suspended dreams to spellbound.

Family sister sister touched alcohol prohibition, they have the hard-put away my sister cure many places, but it was all psychological problems. The doctor said she always psychological instability and her disease just like drug addiction, it is difficult to cure. She always lived within the control of radiation, alkali, so she retrieved him.

And you, beneath the boyish girl madly, the si is a sensitive, fragile soul with the desire to not belong to men. You wear the feel, hiding her true gender. I love a course under the guy but he love forever just in the dark. He bored the police on parents day urge to retire get married, have children, be the small fry soy sauce to colleagues say his "gay". So he married her sister.

Special occasions, you still appear together, hand in hand. She still occasionally visit the home, taking care of her husband's parents, and you never forget the obligation of a bridegroom. Every great work kid in the House, you are both willing to redevelop. The couple they become the "perfect couple" is the company you selected. In the eyes of everyone knew, no spouse deserves double medium, ages much happiness.

Aggregates of two people having sex but can't come together

Living in a House, sleeping on a bed but they don't touch to each other. A man and a woman share two half double as beds in the world, no one has violated on demand private world of the other.

He has discovered his spouse is an alcoholic, and she dimly aware that he does not have sex of men, but they respect each other and respect each person's own secret. Gradually, he lives more open with me. He confided to her more, as the two of you. He leads both same-sex lover home to introduce to you. That is a very cute young boy.

Right the first time she saw you, love with you. From there, the House of the couple became public shelters of three members: he, his sister and his lover. They live a harmony with each other, each joint feast all laughter by his mistress's witty guy.

He was dedicated to his lover from a room in her house and the night last night, I slept with my sister. She drinks wine more like a habit that I don't know the reason. Her sister's health declined, the sense of dislocation is also unusual as the weather.

I worry for her, many at the shrine of thẫn hours of sitting you window, tu made the big drink each background and then cry warm memories as small children, I found myself suddenly shaky. Sometimes you wonder woman next to him so frail and why he wanted to hold her, protect her, comforting her sister from the constant sadness that she could not name calling.

He sharp up loving fire spots. Also, these days I love people, I suddenly found myself aching mercy, sad rười. I know you will think about, waiting for you and jealousy the same-sex lover.

He made my sister choking and see themselves as committed unforgivable sin. You drink to forget the emotion, it dipped into the drunk. She apologized for infringing on the basic agreement of marriage does not love this but do not know that I am coping myself for that.

I love my sister but could not come with me because you're young there can not live without you. Love that guy for he was too heavy to him deep each vows that if he left you, you will have no problem whatsoever with the United Kingdom this life anymore.

He really sacrificed a lot of things for you. If come with me, he will become a traitor, treachery. Between them there are the ambiguous boundaries but grim. Each day both were paying by reason and emotion. The deadlock, he too left on many sailings, not at home, don't come to the lover, just temporarily disappear, flee the world is topsy-turvy.

She realized that, get out your inmost mind suffering and the decision will not make you more confused. My sister myself will not advance deeper into his life, rendered him a private world with the inviolable secret. Love with you, she will forever be concealed in the Palm.

Staff at England away, she silently to the hospital for tests and procedures of artificial insemination. Though not to be together, but she aspires to get drops of your blood, have a child in common with the first love of his life. I no longer drink alcohol to prepare motherand you, knowing the news, also eager to welcome her child with the woman he loved but never revealed.  =

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