Adultery is the adventure games, I was 'screwing' pain

run by the fashion trends cannot explain, sometimes I feel shy because his wife released., plus, game, mao deposit insurance, DAA, don, dan. ..

I am a man full of life from baby, the family has got me all what she wants, nice cars, a private company, home ... And when I get married, everything still more fullness because my wife is a beautiful woman, washing, make sure the are and also very cultured.

But the time for making everything fade away at the evil would not know, my wife I married 3 years later became a person or complain, sometimes sounding, meanwhile, things I loved the most is the beauty, the worse. She runs the fashion trends cannot explain, sometimes I play afraid because of my wife.

Right at the time the storm arrived, I realized that I have a crush on her, his Secretary. This girl was 2 months employed, a beautiful, young girl, humor, prompting hordes of you antennae in the Agency who also crave thuồng. To use the word "crave thuồng" new spelling out peeling was, by her work with feathers, sensual. Occasionally while talking with me, but she's small movement also causes heart pounding, as an adventure game.

Then what must come also to, after what I stress work with her often brunch or café, I regarded her as a friend and get ready to share the most intimate things, including what the husband and wife, and my dissatisfaction. She is Secretary of the little kid grabbed my hand and comforted, and then slowly, I fell into her lap. Then we had brunch at the rest home to relations. There are times I lied is come with 4 people, then I'm for the other 2 go, they are all of me in so I am not afraid of Agency, still I go private with her lover.

But when back home, seeing his wife is taking the child that I feel no regrets. I had many nights lying think about his decision, then I call her mistress and said that the relationship ended here. Then I gave her some money and told her to go find a new job, as that would be better for both. Then she accepted.

Picture 1 of Adultery is the adventure games, I was 'screwing' pain

Picture 1 of Adultery is the adventure games, I was 'screwing' pain

Adultery with the clerk was joking with fire ...

Until some day ago, God activities happen, she's lover sent my wife a bunch of photo feelings between me and her, then notes that I gave her the things that she wanted to return also images should be at least consistently. My wife cry between home and hug your child away, I stop but no. A call to her lover, saw off the air ...=

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