During the most miserable time, my wife watched every night to watch her husband's burns clip with his lover and said a sentence

Her husband was poised and clearly told her that he fell in love with her. A very young girl, also a student studying.

The pain made her want to die. The betrayal of her husband, the more his attitude when it is discovered. After blatantly saying to his wife like that, he always moved to the company. Become a single man, free to love romance with his true love.

Her husband's family knew about it, her mother-in-law led her to meet her parents. Because she thought she was "a child who doesn't understand". Her parents were also knowledgeable, at first thought her husband had divorced his wife because the two men made a decision to fake a divorce, and after seeing her, immediately called her daughter to wake up a battle and ban it. traveling with her husband.

Later that night, her husband knew that she went to meet her family of her small lovers, when she went crazy, broke all the furniture in the house, and cursed her badly with the most difficult words. Her parents-in-law immediately exploded, declaring if he did not repent from his face. I doubt your husband turned away. News that the girl was forbidden by her parents leading to suicide also transmitted.

She cried and fainted, then poured all her pride and pride into herself, writing a divorce application for him to sign. They fell in love with each other, then she worked. The story of her marriage to that end, but the pain in her heart persisted forever. Just think of that incident, her heart ached every time.

Finally, she printed all their chatter out of paper, into a thick volume. At the bedside, read and reread the paper every night. She opened the clip they recorded themselves, which she found in her husband's facebook, watching over and over again.

Face things that make you hurt. Repeatedly, until a moment she found herself crouching, impassive before them. At that time, she knew she gradually forgot about him and the pain he caused her. Forget him, she started living for herself and she combined to work hard to build a solid career.

The other girl still went to school, so he had to keep it completely. When you love each other, you are ready to withdraw your wallet because of your lover, but now the hundredth things fall on your head, and you will serve your wife as you love each other, how can you bear it? The case of leaving the wife had caused the boss to be biased toward him, not using him. She reprimanded him for not falling in love with him as before.

She just wanted to go to school and enjoy his love, like when she was with her parents. But he just struggled to earn money, while taking care of the rice and pouring water for his beloved wife, to indulge her childish hobbies and mumbling habits - making him too tired. He initially loved her so much, but if he came together so tired he would have volunteered to love as before.

The conflict between him and his wife culminated when she was pregnant, and he could not beat his wife's claims. The angry girl immediately went to abort. Two cold war people. At this time, she fell into the arms of the upperclassman, the rich family played, meeting all her requirements.

He spotted an adulterous wife, whom she demanded to divorce because she was fed up with him. They officially went to court. When he used to see her innocent, lovely and full of life, she found him mature, calm and psychological, ga ga. Currently all are dissolved, even consider each other as enemies.

A sincere love of a woman does not touch a man's heart unknowingly. Resignation, patience, sacrifice cannot save a marriage in which a man has lived so badly and carelessly. Women do not persevere, do not think about sacrificing will be rewarded. Until one day, things go beyond the limit and realize that they themselves have not received anything, no one needs to rush, women will automatically leave.


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