Fell with terrible secret of her husband getting married

Anyone see me also commented I am a beautiful girl and attraction. Don't like that since college, I have around satellite lots. I also spent a couple relationship but are not going to.

To graduation, I remained alone goes on odd ball. The pursuit was not short but interesting facts I found concerned love, just want 1 more time will find a gentle, suitable to progress to marriage.

I met you in one go sign the contract for the company. My impression of him as a gentle, meek, little said. He is the youngest engineer in the company's project team. The first time we also don't talk much, mainly just to exchange about work, but gradually more exposure, more intimate and I. In addition to the stories, we exchange phone numbers to "eight" the miscellany.

Then through the stories, the share of daily, and he arose. Also at this time, my family, my mother protested very violently, by family circumstances are not good, though in the city suburbs, but parents are the population of labour. Moreover, with more than 5 million income as of today, you can't guarantee me an affluent life.

Because I love you, I'm a mom, determined persuasion ink love him by was, even, I left the table with you fake pregnancy to be married. Now thinking back, I don't understand why stupid, don't know what eating charm Lu drugs that keep crashing head on as ephemera.

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True as it is said, never win. Finally my parents also agreed to concessions for me to marry. Wounded I'm buying for me a small apartment but near the heart of the city.

The plan was getting married on. I like savoring in happiness, the unexpected discovery of a movement.

Before the wedding day, I came to the House in the condo that I and you have moved the furniture to it to prepare about living to clean up some things. Open door lock not found, unexpectedly, but I thought it was my husband come first, because this room is only 2 we have the key. Gently step on the House, see the shoes to towards, I intend on up the call, the man seen talking in the bedroom.

Curious, I again near ear pressure, on the door, listening, my husband rang portrayed: "I assured, you have not yet registered to marry her, for weddings. Wait a while longer, about living together and then you will find the way to her house name instance for you. Then get the area was a further sum of money, he will abandon her to welcome me home. OK, let me try to underprivileged awaiting a time... ".

Listen to me, my ears buzzing away, each sentence every word cyclones on the heart. I'm not breathing, the pain when his discovery was betrayed or feeling wrath because scam makes me shaky standing not firmware. I plan on fucking other people for a game, but fortunately up curbs.

I break out, tears falling Lü BU new. There will be no wedding would take place. I phoned my mother, cancelled Kiss dress for my mother stalked up for not understanding why. Then, I turned off the phone, didn't want to let anyone in touch with yourself. I told myself with her crush, what he did to me today, I absolutely never forget, there will be the day I returned to him fold ten thousand times.

Handbags Luggage bags out, I put the tickets. I want to leave some time, at least most of the time please leave to get married. I want to run away from the man that treachery and himself a period sufficient to calm the mind.=


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