Forgive my wife for her love: My husband is good, but this world is bad!

I don't lose to you, my love for him is bigger. But I lost to him, he needed me, not me.

Do you know why you know your husband? It is because he and he are all people who have to go to eat rice alone in the late afternoon, at an inn full of strangers, lonely and boring. I am a workaholic, I consider eating a normal meal alone like having to drink water to live daily. But what about him, a married man? Because she was always at home to give him a meal after days of fatigue.

He always told me, she was very busy. She made more money than he did, she went to many places for work, even for a long time away from home. And he could not ask for a meal every afternoon that could not be worth a lot with an ambitious woman like her. But you know, because I know it, I can give him what I never wanted to do, or once I didn't volunteer for my husband. I came to her husband's heart by giving him such lonely dinners .

Picture 1 of Forgive my wife for her love: My husband is good, but this world is bad!

Picture 1 of Forgive my wife for her love: My husband is good, but this world is bad!

It's me chasing and seducing him. I took the initiative to drag him to my side. And also me, who tries to win her husband's heart. Because I used to think, why is a good man like this, can you leave him in the world so much temptation? I'm not afraid to lose, I don't know how to appreciate it, then I'll take him from you. Because I love him more, because I'm sure he'll be more respected and loved when he's with me. Unfortunately, I'm wrong .

I never once could touch his heart, even if I volunteered to be with him all my life. He always reminds me what I like, even if I'm with you. He never forgot to buy the item you like, even if you go with me. Even there are times when I wake up in the middle of the night, I still see him cleaning the pictures of the two people he keeps very close.

For today, I know about you. I have never seen him so panicked. And you, will you ever be afraid to lose this man?

The last thing I want to say is that this good man in this world is inherently rare but she was lucky to have such a person on her side. Today, I am a volunteer to leave, not clinging, no tricks. But tomorrow, I don't know if anyone else will come, if you still don't appreciate what you have. Good husband is true, but this world is bad, okay!

No matter how busy women are, remember to spend time with your husband and your family. Also learn these things to hold the man's heart tightly.

Always smile when meeting the eyes of the enemy

Many men admitted that they were fascinated by women's faces, passionate about their sexy bodies, but the smile was the one that kept their hearts.

For men, the smile of the woman they love not only makes her face radiant, but also makes men feel happy and happy.

A wife's smile as a recognition of a happy marriage life, as a thank you to her husband who has always treated her well, will help men feel comfortable and relaxed.

So, women just need to smile at their husbands when he catches his eye, which makes him fall in love with him all his life.

Picture 2 of Forgive my wife for her love: My husband is good, but this world is bad!

Picture 2 of Forgive my wife for her love: My husband is good, but this world is bad!

Surprise your husband

Surprise is always the secret of smart wives. It is this, which makes the relationship between the two people never boring.

For example, normally you often go back to your husband, instead, come back early to pick up your child, prepare a decent dinner before he appears.

Or, normally he is always the one who picks you up after every hour of work. So if you change back, you pick him up and you two go out to dinner, watch a romantic movie. That will make your husband feel happier.

Praise her husband in time

Whether you admire your husband or not, women should also give praise to their husbands.

"I am lucky to get you", "My husband", "If you do not know how to manage it .", these sweet words should not be missing in a wife.

These compliments will help the man who is always proud of, see that they are glorified in the family and not found anywhere. This is very important for men.

For that reason, the wife who evaluates her husband very high holds the family happiness.

Do not quarrel before outsiders

The most important man is an officer, a wise wife understands that. When the husband and wife are discordant, contradictory wise wife will never loudly shout or quarrel with her husband in a crowded place, not expressing uncomfortable attitude in front of his friends. Only when she got home, when she and her husband and she were together, did she "speak out" to her husband.

It is the cleverness and sophistication of the wife that will make her husband extremely respectful. Because, only when it is sufficiently tolerant, enough to love a woman's husband can she anger and do that.

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