Haunted because my husband ' wrap ' already retrieved cousin

(Adultery)-I don't have a fresh feeling, I ran up to the room and witnessed the scene her husband with me they lie asleep in bed together.
I am 32 year old, my job is also relatively good income, can feed the whole family. Also my husband's income to spend savings book. Outside who also reviews we were a happy family, a pair of heaven born, son of your sister.
Because are the travelers suffered injuries from minor discomfort, know how to spend, save in daily living activities. Only what is really necessary for life needs I shops. What about the luxury goods too.

TOh region up to your room and witnessed the scene her husband with me they sleep on the bed and are wrapped already taken together.  


So that last year the couple I have to spend a little money relatively well, enough to buy an apartment between the buried city. So the couple decided to buy a small house to live for comfortable, help the scene to live nomadic wandering at the Inn.
Turn on that life for some time, the House of Uncle I have kids they do on school entry to University, moreover it's also close to my home. How is it depending on the couple I managed to help the new family peace of mind.
Although very shy but because from the countryside should also be very sympathetic to the plight of the House he, on the other hand my husband also endorsed it so I could not refuse.
From there I came in the same family as well fun dam much warmer. More than 2 years old daughter of the couple I had also managed to Italy even more. The parents were busy at her shuttle should also help.
On my daughter's birthday right round 3 years, husband and I also prepare fresh fresh than always to Organization for girls. Packed that we use a little bit of beer, they do drink beer first so screwed up and go to bed earlier.
That day I also drink more should be asleep. Midnight woke, hand quờ not seeing her husband. I didn't have fresh feeling, I ran up to the room and saw her husband the same scene cousin sleeping on the bed and are wrapped already taken together.
I am really angry, to chase it out of the House in the night. But think carefully again, I find myself still love my husband, my daughter also need. Moreover making noise also does not resolve the problem, something that even rumors of home is pay attention you will from my face.
My husband I know bugs also beg me to forgive. The next morning I had selected the lyrics tell you to search it out of the Inn. Thought of the idea of the story and problem, would surprise date, though nobody referred to the old story, well just consider it as an accident, so that from the bottom I can not forget. Each time her husband fellatio, cuddly side of the stack is the image you cuddle her cousin again.
I can't delete this image out of his head, I even saw her husband really filthy, disgusting, that does make me all mixed up about the disorder, no Member would be able to get it back is to balance your life. Picture her husband no longer revered, respected as before. Should I divorce to rid yourself or just continue to live in haunted. If continue to live the contradiction ' how to I can find my husband happily feeling like old times? Please give me an advice.