Heavy shock when the sneaky husbands make every night

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Almost 1 month now, since the day I found out about it, I still have not only haunted, keep seeing my husband was frightened.

I and my husband are both teachers of a middle school in the city. He is gentle, calmly, little said, live with the family. The economic conditions of families in well-off, general life have nothing to complain.

The couple are still young, the new addition to the 30, the story of bedding 2 husband and wife also very steadily, harmony, from when to marry, we are always pleased about his mate. But about half the years, my husband has apparently eluded it, all week 2 new spouses closer to each other. I think you should work stress also didn't notice, until I accidentally discovered her husband's terrifying secret.

Photo : Heavy shock when the sneaky husbands make every night

Heavy shock when the sneaky husbands make every night Photo illustrations

That day is my day off, and my husband is still working normally. He left at home. I find it curious the phone you had something, because before the couple I never check my phone. Flip through messages, contacts, facebook, nothing noticeable, I click a chat software of my husband. See the chat Windows are pretty much nick strange, I read try. Read to dizziness, I face up to it. My husband sex chat with them. These sensitive words, continue to appear under my eyes, as if they are virtual sex with each other. I saw stunned immensely, not only that, pull down the pictures of my husband and the other nick send each other, are all nudity, including lots of photos my husband taken in at bath.

I stand firm, not dizzy feeling of nervousness, painful squeeze my heart, making me shortness of breath. Unbelievably true, exemplary husband, my gentle back there morbid hobby like that. This is the reason why the husband has always eluded me, turns out I experience virtual sex over intimacy with your wife. Also the reason my husband would also very late, bath times would shower him also into the bedroom things, how not to be called, I thought he tired.

I saw just shocked, just depressed, feeling like I was betrayed. Seeing my husband, my hatred, but don't know whether I should say the truth is not white.

More than a month passed, keeping the inside so I find unpleasant, always obsessed by what she discovered. I also get tired excuse to avoid exactly that with her husband. But I fear, if this so my marriage my spouse in danger of crumbling away, I have to do?