Heavy shock with my husband the secrets hidden in the phone

(MissNews)-several days elapsed, the crazy in my heart has subdued, rather it is the anguish cannot fill., mat ball, iphone, plus the essential ...

The couple I married almost 2 years, I was just is more than 2 months. My husband works in the company environment. Because there was also little dignitaries in Agency should my husband quite busy. I am the teacher level 3, still during maternity.

We got married on the basis of . Love, learn almost 4 years new Sun goes to the . He is a good husband, ever disappoint me.

My husband is quite gentle, good hard work, in the home he shared with me. In addition, he is also romantic, occasions, or on what memories are also afforded me any interesting, thanks. The couple's marriage I always smooth, warm salty. Occasional frictions, you are down to the water front, sorry I am out I want angry nor angry.

My spouse's pillow blanket thing is also very consistent. He has a fairly high demand, our hurdles before marriage. For me, before marriage, nothing too big, moreover also identified two taken together.

However, since I vote Baby Care, because weak should advised diet stories. Calculated from time to time, almost a year and we have yet to close. I know him very well, every night is next to his wife also adamant, I hurt you, you go more time again, after I make up for it. My husband laughed, embraced me said: "stupid, it's OK".

That level of recent weeks, my husband come soon about late, arriving at the House was out of sleep always, sometimes also didn't shower. I call that would also not get up.

See my husband had strange expressions, your wife mach told me there was something shady husband are concealed. I decided to find out. But my husband discreetly, carefully, you don't have any expression.

I noticed , because those times are sitting with me, have a phone right off and then don't rush you away. There were times my husband to take a shower, I stole the phone but can't be opened because the password to fingerprints. I nodded biting teeth waiting for opportunity.

Finally, the moment arrived. That day you told me will of late because the company parties. Near 11 h, the night calls out the door, I open then you're colleagues made him feel about, my husband too drunk to be driving themselves. Thanks you helped my husband on the bed, I thank her husband's colleagues farewell and out the door.

See my husband say do not know anything, I immediately took the phone bag Green. Taking advantage of her husband drunk, I touched you handheld to open. I see air towards open.

Photo : Heavy shock with my husband the secrets hidden in the phone

Heavy shock with my husband the secrets hidden in the phone The secrets of my husbands phone heavy shock (artwork)

Surfing a round of messages, contacts, nothing suspicious. I see the photos, to see into, I'm there, in his album contains a lot of the photo sensitive, full nudity, just the unknown face of the woman. See the video, I have to see, that's the scene my husband is in a relationship with a woman, not a piece of cloth covering the torso. Spin down down.

All that night, I just know that he cried, the husband look betrayed me when I bring my pain to lay heavy. My God, how could I be so ruthless with. I sat down on the ground, next to the foot of the bed, so on until the following morning.

My husband woke up, saw me, he asked me how do panic. My husband has just entered, I pushed straight out, the jealous, angry wake, I throw straight iphone down to bed: "I say go, you betrayed me ever since, he's shit, freak, also filmed the whole video anymore, why don't you kill my wife gone go...".

My husband's pale face, he knelt to hug my leg begging me to forgive. He said because can't hide that I do so. I hear that sardonic, while I elected, suffering pain. He cheated on me and still get such a reason or why. Back left back anymore, he is shit, freak. I am yelling at crazy nhiếc him, and again agonizing, weeping, scratch tear yourself. My husband has just embraced me just mouth always beg me to forgive.

Several days passed, the crazy in my heart has subdued, rather it is the anguish cannot fill. Keep see my husband as I saw the disgust, each closing my little girl, I did not hold the tears, see for my mother too. What should I do now?