Her husband publicly with former lover right after marriage

(MissNews)-He told me that, I will be responsible to me, but the person he loves is that girl., nguoi yeu cu, ket hon trach, nhiem

I know you when your feet wet foot drain on the company work. With me everything is strange and new. Chief directs you guide me. As such, I have contact with him even more.

Increasingly, the more I feel affection he, in the uk is the attractive, masculine, he is very gentle, thoughtful, appropriate. The time in edge, I love you not. Sentiment for every day a big day would not see you, seeing you I miss you high, don't focus floating anything. He just disinterested knowledge.

He treated me very well, always gentle, considerate to me. I thought, sure, maybe you love me so. Thought so, I suddenly found in the insurgent a pleasure hard to the left. And then I got going with determination.

But unbelievably, when listening I love, he refused categorically. He says, you have people who love it, we also prepare the first year after getting married, he just treated me as a colleague, as the girls are not. Listen to me, I am suffering incredibly, unbelievably stupid my poker, food poisoning.

I cry, the entire week, I don't know less in point, I am smart, nimble beautiful again. How many people pursuing, I gotten all just because like you, so that you would dare deny me. Aggression and hostility of I wake, I myself can not let go so easily. I do not agree I will make you to agree.

Photo : Her husband publicly with former lover right after marriage

Her husband publicly with former lover right after marriage Though married, my husband still publicly back with

Ready with the plans outlined, I take back the spirit. See you, I pretend nothing happened, I see you drink out of the water and said, I think the information and then, I want to be treated like a brother, thanks to my teaching. You see I am so happy to agree without knowing that are entangled in my contacts.

The following day, I keep the distance to you, to you completely forget about the old, I'm waiting time. Finally, opportunity also came with me. That day I went birthday Agency Chief, Wing man who also drank drink handy excuse, I took the road to bring you back. But when the British granted on the bed, I wasn't home that proactively stay with you. In the say, you have not mastered ourselves, then what's to come.

The next morning woke up, not saying he was surprised how, under white bed station is blood Crimson streaks stand out. I pretend to hug crying face. I'm sorry I went, stem from his face, I get so enraged he prevented. He veered into the bathroom with the extreme impotence. I raise my smiling mouth, someone like you, I can't be sure.

As planned, a few days after you meet me, saying that we will get married. He will be responsible with my daughter's life. I'm as open flag, so I get you.

But I can't believe it, I was wrong, I was tied up, but not body tied hearts. Night action, he never touches me even a finger.

I lock, warm memories tears but you leave. He treated me like the invisible in our nest. And then I discovered I still go back, instant messaging with ex-lover. I'm weeping, jealous, I hit him, throw down he respects their broken land. Britain silent a long time and then said: "I'm sorry, I get em back then will be responsible to me, but I love that girl really is. We have loved each other for 5 years, just because he caused the mistake that story we're unfinished, he would compensate for her. If she does not get married, I will still with her ".

Once you like cứa on my heart, I'd cry, so what I am asking, how could you do this to me. He said nothing, just leave.

I frantically hitting most of the furniture in the House, the anguish, the bag makes me want to salve the dam wall input that died right away. Exhausted, I sat down thụp, the regretful towards me. I'm good quote or copy, as I fool you fool me, but Poker is being hurt. I have to do now, no more common than to accept this common husband fuck all my life?