I have the 'to bed' with first love though very loving wife

The night quietly, alone I wander through the city. The chilly winds towards pain burning my heart once more. Pain or feeling of guilt each time an increase. I tried to step in quickly to forget, but as trying to forget it again as my shortness of breath.

Has 10 years from the day I and my "first love" parted, I fell on this feeling. That day, I and the children is a double on the University Lecture Hall. I was a little girl and casual nature, despite being born and raised in the city, in a family status and stable economic conditions. I am a poor student guy. We do not love each other and not the distance. Our love is real fiery. Both hold hands pass how difficult and challenging.

We do not love each other and not the distance. Photo illustrations.

One day, I said that I will have to come to the discretion of the family. I hear as Thunderbolt nervousness, and ear pain. We all don't want it to happen, do anything to prevent it from happening. That morning, as every day I joyfully to school, my mother met me and say very gently that I let you go because it's the future of children. I know what to say apart from the well.

I can't get into the classroom, nodded back and don't know where to go. Everything in me, I left without direction. I keep her in the detention room with thousands of question marks. Then I came up with red eyes, Weasley's face, hugged me and said: "I just believe in the love of children. Though I have where I just love every. Just waiting for you. Four years are also not long, don't you ".

Thing I can do is to come out peacefully. I tried to tell you keep strong and assured and learn for real good but I know it was parted forever. Anguish for weave in my heart. The day I went, I just up hoary bamboo rat on my hand scribbled piece of paper: "Please be assured, I will wait for you. After four years, you're going to where we awarded another first kiss. If you love me, let's go there to meet you. What if I do not love you anymore then you also will not find you anywhere ".

I try to pass it all to learn and also to school day, holding in his hand a degree quite kind. I don't want to go home because I am still a little wait. It is difficult when looking for work. I am trekking off to do this again, making room for a year still nothing is stable. Fortunately, I met an Englishman of the same country in a major bank. He knows my situation and helped me get into a trial at a bank branch. Do not betray him, after a year, I was considering the contest on the payroll also is a four-year appointment at what was to come. For after hours, I look to where he sits alone waiting. Day, a rose and a piece of paper, "he still waiting children" to leave. During 3 months, net I do not get any indication of. Hopeless, I break the input job to forget you. My life at the time was stable but to forget me real hard.

One day affiliates I work there is a girl in the school. My boss sent me instructions. We treat each other as brothers. After hours, we usually go to eat, drink coffee. I had confided all my story for me. After 3 months, I get to do a contract and moved to another branch. I seem to feel their affection so you have afforded me a great truth and meaningful gift on my birthday: you have to come and say that you love me. So suddenly, so I didn't say anything but I seem to have also had new feelings. We have come together like that. Love one another was three years, we decided to charm in happiness. Happy back to be duplicated when children born to me an Angel. Then, as if life has nothing to say.

One day, you call the student meeting I go to class. In it, accidentally I met you, who 10 years ago I had not seen. I look at you Sir. How many memories suddenly towards. I like dead silence in moments. It seems I can't retire. Fortunately a friend to catch my hand, pulling me out of the line of her memories. Party fun but sad for me and then also ends. After greeting everyone out on it, I do not see you again. I hurry, step out to the garage, Pimp my car suddenly found out about me standing there. Looks like the wait for me. Children greet me. We walk into the Café opposite, sit asking each other. I don't know anything about you since I know the profile of my life through the words of some friends.

According to you, I was about the right time I wait and I didn't come looking for me for some reason that I don't want to know. I also had a family but still not have children because it looks like the cause from the husband. According to me, the husband is a successful entrepreneur, your life is currently good. I feel happy because I'm happy. We broke up there.

A few days later, I called and invited me to go eat. I got to meet you. We ate lunch at a cafe. After that, I have a lot of confidence. I said I regret did not come looking for me. I say still love me very much and I really wasn't happy. The desire to have a child has made the conflict of the two children on a rise. I returned to thinking about you but I don't have time to think much. After that time, you phone calls and texting confided to me a lot outside the coffee together.

One day, I called and we drink coffee together. I was crying and talking with new husband should not want to go home. I feel a sharp pain by outside my wife, I was still a place in my heart. So I have lied to my wife that there was no sudden return. And then what to have also come. We have crossed all the limits. Now, I'm very confused and distressed. I apologized to my wife a lot. I want to stop but feel incredibly commercial. I have to do? I can't continue like this. Can you not understand me but let me sincere advice to help me overcome this difficulty. Sincerely thanks.=