I pair with young pilots less 15 years to revenge her husband

Hate my husband, I was all for revenge as lead extraction, said hooks and I finally get revenge by finding yourself a younger man, adultery, ...

Hello friends, this time I always live in paying fault and incredibly tired after days, I believe you have huh Oh. This year I am 40 years old, the age at which children and families have reasonable. Her two daughters are studying level 3. The healthy spouse. Only thing is, we both were no longer find common voice for each other.

I was born and raised in Ninh Binh is also my husband in Hanoi. My parents are both traded family should have the condition. British home while in Hanoi but not economic under the heel and my parents live in the province. As such, I never been home my husband who is cooking.

Picture 1 of I pair with young pilots less 15 years to revenge her husband Photo 1 of I pair with young pilots less 15 years to revenge her husband

I am crazy claim divorce

The couple I live quite happily until you crush on another woman. 8 years ago, I discovered my husband had feelings beyond the stream with your same level forecast. Together they traveled to Thailand and a few other places. When I found out I had over a two-year affair with the woman. Heart breaking to pieces, such as the collapse. I hate you, I want to divorce him now and always. But true that occasion, my second daughter ill hospitalized treatment for several days. Sick child story made me spin the reel should no longer mind thinking of divorce.

My children do not want their parents to divorce, then, both mom and Dad in the same claim. My husband has to ask his wife for forgiveness. He did it all to redeem fault. With the kids, they don't understand much about that husband and wife should love him still. My child three months in the hospital, you take the longer better than I. You said "If you divorce, will feed off both children because he loved them, he did not want to live far from anybody". I shouted in front of you "I love you, but do it with parents". He didn't say anything.

Picture 2 of I pair with young pilots less 15 years to revenge her husband Photo 2 of I pair with young pilots less 15 years to revenge her husband

I thought of a way to revenge him

The two sides encourage family should give him the opportunity to redeem fault. My mother said that men who are also faults, not so for son daughter outside the flow of that divorce. I give him a chance. The first time, he is very hard. From here go soon about late at night you go sooner, middlemen for the washing machine, clean the House. That is not the same with the England of before but I still want you to do. I suppose that's the price you pay.

However, things are not clean, silent such that the wind wants to stop tree. The other woman keep stalking him nostalgic not tha. She phoned, texted him. The phone number is the number of Foreign Affairs work should not be changed. This is the opportunity of making their emotional jumble. Moreover, they also are you learning level three the police still face class meeting date. I forbid you to these sessions meet it but how do you follow.

Every day, I lead extraction, I tried making the silver man weak in front of others. I say you hook before the feast, said her husband's parents with the hook. I try to do to me know I deserve to be punished for betraying his wife and wanted to retort.

My husband has a facebook, then they make friends and confided to each other more. I'm crazy, he explained between them no more, just friends ... and of course my beliefs with you no longer can explain how I still didn't hear, I still think will let you know the smell of treason.

Recently, I opened the restaurant business services. I see you you familiar poor etiquette I 15 years old. He has not had a wife. He's more than my husband both in form and work. I fell in love with him. From the business relationship, I rotate the round of sex with young pilot guy. To me, all to avenge her husband.

Sitting in front of my husband I still talk to him. I try to use the words obscene, the body to provoke her husband. He said nothing just sighed. I huh Oh because you know feeling betrayed. I just want to make a joke, angered her husband, does not like to garden beds deeply into a love affair with a young boy. However, when I'd finished, he didn't. He constantly calling and texting me accompany him to the hotel. I disagree, he threatened to send pictures of the two idyllic for my son through facebook. I'm afraid I know about my mother, they will no longer love her, I nodded to the hotel with lover. Recently, I no longer huh Oh that's just tired. I want to end this relationship off but hard too.=

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