Men commit adultery because the wife does not meet this

Why are men having an affair? It is a question that everyone asks but not everyone can answer it. Men adultery, the only reason is that his wife came out. If the wife is enchanting enough to make him fall in love with his wife like a cigarette, there are so many beautiful flowers out there that he will not fall in love with, he only knows his wife But in order to make the man loyal, the wife must also behave and how to keep him from going to a girl, 1 heart to follow you to old age.

Men adultery, the only reason is his wife. Why is it that wives should reflect on themselves? Men are those who love with eyes and ears, being a wife and then you still have to be beautiful, take care of yourself and speak softly affectionately with your husband.


Remember, you are his wife, not his mother. Never scold, control your husband too much. If the man is not good, even if you have control over them, they will not commit adultery and do many hidden things behind their backs.

Men will intend to commit adultery when his wife is old and ugly enough to offend the looker, always controlling him severely. Life is stifling and stressful so men always look to the 2nd woman for relief, pampering and gradually adultery will be their hard-to-quit habit, can they accept losing their wives? not lost boyfriend. Because simply with their wife is a terrible obsession, every time going home to meet his wife is unpleasant, but being with you everything is completely different.

Men commit adultery and the main reason is his wife. If the wife is beautiful and skillful enough, the husband will always be the one who is afraid of losing his wife, always staying close to keeping his wife, considering his wife to be a treasure, not having any meaning, or noticing her even in thought. At that time, with them, the wife was the only one, there was no beautiful girl, she was like his wife.

People are right 'Men build houses, women build houses'. Whether the family is happy, peaceful or not is all of the wife. Getting married is not done, getting married to learn how to keep a husband but first of all, if a husband wants to be faithful to him, then the wife must love to marry herself, not only as a wife but also as the husband's mistress, Always create unexpected sweet things for him.


There is such a happy new life, warm as the first day. But the carelessness and carefree wife sometimes destroy everything.

Adultery is a terrible thing for wives, but before you worry about losing your husband, learn how to keep him, so that he can be drunk all his life. No man wants to have an affair, having an affair is only because he is bored of his wife.