Men often show these 5 signs that they have changed their heart and want to divorce

1. Change your phone password, facebook, zalo

If one day you suddenly discovered his man changed the password from facebook to zalo, then it proves he is changing his heart with you already. Be very careful and pay attention to who he talks to often, what he does and where he goes.

2. Always love to quarrel, sleep overnight outside


If your man is always going to tear up and try to make a fuss for you and him to argue. Then he chose to leave because he felt pressured. Don't think that he's a newcomer, maybe he used that excuse to go to bed with his mistress.

3. No longer want to touch your friend

A man, when in love, always wants to be close to his woman. But if you realize that he no longer wants to touch or be near you, it proves that there is another woman making him happy. He has always yearned to be around a new woman, so he's not interested in touching his friend so he has to choose to hide.

4. Always ask for a divorce, break up


If a woman says divorce is to intimidate the man, but not really wants to divorce, the opposite is true if the man always wants to divorce and break up, proving that he is out of love with you. And he wants to find ways to take the initiative to leave him.

5. Always give excuses for coming home late

A man who loves his family and values ​​his wife and children will never want his wife and children to wait for him at the tray of rice. But a man who has stopped loving his wife and children always wants to find enough reasons for working, sometimes meeting to go home late. Simply because they want to have a good time outside and above all do not want to meet their wives.