Mob of husband betray wife with the Secretary

I and my wife is married to date has more than 20 years, have two children together, there are fine there. Family economic stability, in general the life of husband and wife I fullness, anyone looking at also secretly admire.

However, to get married today I had to go through a lot of difficulties. Married with 2 hands white, husband and I must do enough trades to earn a living, from Portage, junk merchant, bricklayer ... There's something that we never did. I remember the day, in the House have nothing to eat out less, my wife put on to cook porridge, I don't eat that make out for my husband. At that time, I see my wife immensely, I promised myself will try to recoup for my wife, I die for me too much.

I plunge head on, from fucking bricklayer labour, I up management positions. I create works no one said earlier, the opportunity came to me constantly. I take advantage of not neglecting any opportunity, through ten years rolling, I climbed to the Director of a branch of the largest construction conglomerate in second city.

From here, the life of my family to that new page. I buy houses, buy cars, green shopping these expensive furniture. My wife traded holiday market junk, I go home lo. So I made her promise to be with his wife, can give you an affluent life, in full. Qin wife skinny algae look, how much fairer because strenuous years with her husband, I promise to love, cherish my wife all his life.

So that, I didn't do what I promise. I replaced my heart, betrays his wife.

The appearance of the page in the company as a new breeze blowing into a rigid environment. New page in addition to the 20, young, pretty, fun. I graduated from the University building, the Corporation dispatched about support for me. Rather, the page became the Secretary directly. «Sociable should everyone in the company I love, see also Page one fun, exhilaration. There are many minutes to Page, hand underarm Briefcase included handbags, backpacks, cage's work good cakes, brought up for everyone to enjoy. Both agencies have just recently talking eating juicy, this never happened before to the Page.

The page is the staff officer, dynamic introspection. All of the work I do communicate fluently, even longer to pass all of my requirements. Thanks to your words and your ability, the company I keep getting lucrative construction contracts. The page became the young staff, rich in most capacities.

Calculated the age of the page only half the age I am, new to me, call me, claiming you. But gradually, saw both companies who also say hello to me by you, I moved through the call breeds. The distance between me and the page gradually overcome the relationship between Chief with the staff. Up bodies without seeing the page, I found amiss and miss you immensely. Sitting in the same room to work, but the page sit away from me, just never had anything new to ask me. Children, behave as I see love.

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I increasingly do not master his emotions when in the next page, I remember to high, I aspire to be embracing you in his arms. Page also had feelings for me, knowing I have a family, so I dare not vập Mallet, but men and women in love together, how can conceal his feelings. «Moments Dodge I plan to walk out the door, I pulled my hand back and hugging children into the crush, we officially started the relationship sins.

In the next page, I feel the love in the fiery stuff,. At the time I myself have never had such emotions. With my wife, I just hurt and function, rather than the crazed moments such as the side of the page.

I go home, will always be the husband, father responsible. Actually, I don't think boring wife. My wife always in a certain position in my heart, though not love women, but is the trust, respect.

I stretched and awkward relationship stole more than 1 year I got pregnant. I really am, I never thought of this case. See sudden attitude, my Boo, cry Page. I love the page, but I was the person who had his wife and child, I could not leave his wife to marry the about Page. The page asks me what to do with her mother. I really don't know what to say, I say please give me a few days to think. Hear me say, bitter Page removed. I didn't hold her back.

I don't know what to do now, I can not marry page, but she has a child with me, I need to be responsible with her mother.

But, not yet up to the talk Page, I removed, leaving only the finishing for me a letter through the mail. She said, she will not make me uncomfortable, she'll take this child away, and never see me again.

I hurt, reeling Search Pages but nothing anyone know Frank children anywhere. I'm a bitch, I harm the page. She missed bad this also because of me. I sat down in the Office, burning tobacco and alcohol control. I have error with 2 good woman with me most in this life, what should I do to pay back out here.

I know, many people swear at me is a bitch, but now I see pain, deadlock. I have an error with my wife, with my kids, with 2 mother page. What should I do, should I go find my page should address everything from. Everyone, please give me an advice?=


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