My husband says: 'turn off the lights, then the House tile as well as cottages'

(MissNews)-I thought he had a happy marriage, a life that any woman would also have to envy. So that one day ..., dental exam den offers ngoi tat..

Off to tell me how painful, early man with Pillow hands hamlet I, is the father of my son's Grand little khỉnh can betray me to go to bed with someone else.

I don't understand my husband was not with me at what point causing him to . I am beautiful, docile, make sure you're living again, to be the home for the guy I respect bụ target bẫm, clever. Home my husband, who is not displeased with my mother-in-law, also love me. She said, I am the gentle herbs for her bride. I still inferior woman hiding there?

I suffer, paying, jealous. I asked my husband, she's over me at a certain point, you don't say something, just bowed face got errors, I beg forgiveness. I hurt, but because I, I can't help but give you the opportunity to repair.

Photo : My husband says: 'turn off the lights, then the House tile as well as cottages'

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But, other times again, my husband still tucked me back with that woman. Do not accept floating, I write divorce gave her husband signed. This time, my husband scared actually. He knelt down to my feet, begging me to think back, he used everything new I, both little boys.

I've cried just said, you don't need me anymore, so hold me, do my gauge is not enough. I asked her husband why bitterness do so with me. My husband leaned face gằm says, is because she's very good at talking, bedding that does not end.

I am stunned, the reason is that so? My husband looked at me said: "He does not love her, she's such a beautiful something, there is nothing to compare with you all. But the lights on the House tile as well as cottages, no one likes a wife on the bed that it's like a tree ".

Hear my husband say so, I like awaken. Indeed, I was too subjective in this talk, I don't think 's so important in the the couple. From the little I've been surrounded parents, the knowledge about this absolutely knocking. When married, actually, I'm just blindly make round obligation, rather than never became, perhaps so should you get bored.

Many times, my husband also comment to me, but I have no interest in anything with it so are ignored. My spouse's pillow blanket story erratic, pale, sometimes new close once all week.

I find it too bitter, turns out beautiful, docile, not by a few minutes of gorgeous woman, õng ẹo on the bed. But, I also told myself that I need to change, I can not take my husband for reasons like this.