Secret wife's infertility

I encounter after dozens of years of separation. I remember my sister's wedding, with the resultant pattern you did please the teenager, daydreaming as I. That day, he and his sister walk up car United with radiant face with the desire to have a better future as the bunch of flowers she hands so. .. The world that ... Life brings surprises that even I can't believe.

I choose a coffee, find a empty table behind the Inn's piano. Constantly looking at the clock, I impatiently wait. Ten years ago rather than less? My sister then play each other very close, her sister is the brother of my father. I love and get married to take advantage in the South should from that day we seem to come together. Sometimes she calls asking about my situation and instead of others makes me and the whole family sisters were not contacted. Among the few times she called about, I heard my sister says that I'm a little yellow in the city, life's so fake balance should I also can imagine to life full enough of her orgasm and also secretly glad for you.

And then yesterday, she called me to say that she was out of the North and want to meet me. That is why I am here today!

And then she also appeared, at the time the phone name currently my sister, I hear and give my sister my location!

The woman stood in front of me is not the same as what I imagined, not like the whole array of memories that I had with my sister in the years of childhood. Sister, were almost 40 years old. I see wrinkles on the eyes, mouth and stroke u sad .your defense in the eyes. Ms. xuề xoà dress rather than elite such as my thoughts before she arrived.

-Seat Sister sister Mai. You look too I almost don't recognize.

-Also for 10 years already. You look more beautiful than old. So my husband how now?

Never too long on her sister, met often the questions on family visits, the children. I eagerly told Ms. heard about his life and the family of her sister mother tongue anymore. Two medical doctors are not in contact with her as expressed the fear. Then I turned to ask my sister:

-What about my family? She is what you? Several times she called about you forget?

And then I saw her sister facial change, from fun to affective state. She contingency these aggressor said:

-I don't know, the more can not understand marriage status of the husband and wife are you?

-How weird is that? She made it clear to me.

I am willing to ask, she continued:

-You are a Military spouse with another woman, had two children and then also she still lives alone in the old House of both spouses.

I surprise, no! Exactly was I shocked, I've never heard talk about this, even in the fantasy I also didn't think to come.

-Huh? That is what my sister? What is the reason?

She drank a SIP of coffee, my sigh and then look at the gaps before!

-Because you don't have children for him! 10 years already ... Too long for a man hope you like him!

I was surprise again, ear buzzing, I seem to have to shake the head couple to itself more awake in her story. I ask a redundant question:

-And only because of that she quit?

She heads up, bitter laugh, smile to haunt me forever after. She said:

-If you're the man I like it. I don't blame you Troops. Just you see nervousness by her sister lost everything too fast! So I'm not up to adapt to that.

-So ... I don't intend to keep the attachment he stayed? The family she has! What lack ways to two people have children together? In vitro fertilization or was due to the pregnancy ? What excuse you let him go?

She shook his head, sad voice, rười something not fluently. Incredible quiet space!

-Don't be quiet!


-Because the error is not in you!

I don't understand I hear stories like that. Obviously when you were my sister says I quit she was by her sister sterile, I said sorry not by me. The vague story, until she opened the bag give me a tangle of paperwork. It is the result of consultations. Everything is perfectly normal.

See me with support, remain absurd people out, she adds:

-Actually, I know you're not likely to House Troops who have children over 8 years ago. My sister carried his sample for tests, the doctor said he's absolutely not able to have children if not used to modern medicine.

-So why? Why did he leave me? And he has two kids anymore? Why are you not listening as understand?

-Until now, I can't find the reason for his actions. Perhaps, because the love him! Because the family's expectations for him are too great that she accepted the silence, silence all guilt on his part. She has turned herself into a beer shell for her husband. He is a son of a family. And Furthermore, he was the Chief of a clan. So, how can you tell what the true grim there, huh.

I see the tears she runs a long streaks on the cheeks. Love? Or the power that forced the sisters to choose the road filled with bitterness? I can't answer. I just saw the dress sense that what she had sacrificed for him that he knows that. My throat suddenly found acrid bitterness. I remained silent, not because I don't know what to say. I do not want the story, feelings she recounted to me being disrupted. I fist her, implicitly says to her: "I empathize with my sister!".

She tried to relax, slow voice as rain fell cheaply news out there

-I thought, everything will be resolved in a way that she can one day, he told my sister this question quiet! It make my sister feel sad spectacle heart liver, she never hit him a cup of cold water in the face. Two years ago, yet when she forgot her saying:

-Is a woman! Nor were the kind not out, the kind of deserve to be thrown away!

-He's too far! Why don't you tell the truth at the time for him to know? Perhaps before he does not love you?

Suddenly I was sharply up, I'm sad, I hate instead of my sister. The error is obvious from her husband, which his wife FLOSS were soil erosion so suddenly I found my life's not fair.

-I don't understand why when you don't tell the truth he's out! Even he has hurt her, then she still loves still hurt him. He was once a husband a wife, he is providing a good mate as if the desire to have children in a huge fine. She just thought, I get errors about themselves, and then slowly find a way to overcome the difficult but what to.

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-He leads a few months old child about and say that he's with a different woman.

I quietly go, what's that weave in the heart, feeling very, very difficult to wiggle butt description

-But ... He ... Can not you! So the baby ... The son of one of the uk? At the time she said anything?

-I have to ask you a question Forces? That you believe it is your son? And do you really want to leave? He nodded affirmative. He said he needed the children to fulfill responsibilities with family. And it is also the desire of him. At the time she saw everything as fall. He believes in it. She wondered whether that itself tells him that he is the same. That you are being deceived or not? But then she chose silence. Silence let you be happy with absolute trust in him for the baby!

-Why the innocent sister?

She laughed bitterly. Why am I afraid so he smiles, it's like thousands of needle stabs into my heart, man labels and numbness re

-Because, she still loved, still expect the day he realised the truth and returned to the party. You still hope so! When love dedicated to someone. The sacrifice is adequate.

-But If I were you! will not choose where she's pain. A person living in with a secret, a person living in deceit. Isn't this sacrifice is pointless? This story happened long ago sister? And did you solve?

-He's gone since. To date nearly two years also. Did he leave it all to me, that's the stuff you don't need.

I grabbed an ironic sentence: actinodaphne ellipticbacca

-Considered him a little longer to be known as the "conscience" and not I have to die not contempt!

She seems not to response to question him. Suddenly I found myself slightly funny, against my Chin ever since:

-But that ... From him, she sent for him more than two hundred million to him spending!

See I'm surprised eyes to ESC, Ms. rush stool bua:

That's probably what you deserve get. I take unwanted things both grew. His sister mercy far to hear him tell about the difficulty both financially and emotionally. He said his current wife not know take care for her husband, just waiting for my husband to bring money back spending, he says his life is no longer as before. Birthday, his wife doesn't even Cook for her husband a famous dish is to donate her husband's birthday.

-I also sorry he do? This route is due to his Military options, you push him to that sister day end? Bother?

-Is due to my sister not to tell the truth. The error is in you. He told my sister this yesterday evening, children, he referred that he lives like this just because the longer injured child. As a result, she as paying, I'm not sure I should say the truth this belatedly out to him, so he has the right choice or not? She has old. She dare not love one more. Hope you still have the day he returned to the party. She is so happy.

The words of her work I think not forever. A woman who sacrifices too much and now stands in the middle of the fret. The choice. I dare not suggest my sister. Because I know the answer lies in you. I know you still love him very much! Just tell my sister that live for yourself, for your happiness. Also, I think about his family with an attitude of respect.

And if you are, you will do?=