Sorry, I had an affair with old people ...

My husband! For I'm sorry I've tr贸t affair. I know you are very evil woman, married, had a baby and I was still adultery, I can't justify his mistakes, not blamed anyone by, all those things is because I myself caused.

We taken together have almost 4 years now and they have a really lovely girls, cute. He is a good husband, gentle. He has not a silver post, wine, tea, high girl, you spend all your time, his wife and family. Up to now I don't understand why you're taking him ... because he was wealthy or Sage? Perhaps because he was wealthy, so I decided to build his own family, to help organise the next.

Find the fun side of the old ...

But you know, I really don't have much affection for him since the day I met the guy. I love him and he loves me. But also as an artist, because of the hard life, so I gave up the love of his, to select him-a man more money, wealth.

On the go with you, registration, I can't forget these feelings. At that price I wish just as people are marriage registration with you is not you, that's the guy! But I was not able to do anything because between the two of us had the binding between the two families.

As if that day, I fiercely over now, I'm not suffering heart! My husband said no, actually I don't have a little sense of what the English side by I remember him. But that time he also married but still love you very much!

Sometimes we also stealthily come together ... and the times come together there, two were given to each other very happy moments in the Guest House. Only when the side, I'm really new, happy woman, enjoy undivided love.

More at seeing my husband, I just want an apology and suggested the split to lightly crush ... but the thought of a child, to his future, are you not brave enough to do it. Children too young to live away from his father, away from her mother. It takes a life of quiet warm, happy family party always laughter!

My husband! As if my husband knows this truth made sure my husband will be disappointed ... because my husband always believed his wife! But my husband said no, I love him. If my wife choose back, my wife will pick him because only the side's new wife feel true happiness.

If there is another life, my husband don't meet my wife! Because my wife is not a good girl, my wife does not deserve the love and trust of her husband. My wife just please a husband this ... If we break up, my husband let wife raising children ! Because there the next new wife feel happy and be comforted somewhat!=