Spurned his wife, ham young, I hug the bitter fruit for yourself

(MissNews)-I confided his story up here, looking forward to everyone, especially the husbands think that is the lesson of blood bone for themselves..., hat hui, family, divorce, gaming ...

I year beyond age 40, are is the head of a publicly traded company real estate. My monthly income is calculated according to the number of thousand dollars. My wife does not work, but at home, child care. I have 2 children, sons are studying in the University for the second son, is studying level 2. My family would be happy, if I am not happy stomach.

Previously, while still love each other, my wife is a very beautiful woman. But from the day the secret vote, , my wife spread, an increase of nearly 20 weight, fat, wife to try its look, the clothes always smell the grease, diffusion, I increasingly bored.

Daily work, exposed to all the beautiful young staff. I don't avoid the comparison with my wife at home. These female workers, she would also dietetics Dietetics, beautiful as dreams, eating, like pouring honey into the ear. Don't make up for my wife, always start clearing tangled hair, both on the General just yelled at them.

I though were also 40 but still very high libido and bedding in. But the real fun, I am no longer interested in his wife for a long time, just touch the whole belly fat, his wife's arrival as I lost interest. To address the needs, there have been a few times with my daughter, even the lower-level employees. Yet, but I'm not in love with anyone, simply via the relationship. Until one day, I am familiar with incense.

Incense is new school employees work at the company. In addition, more than 20 new my son a few years. Very nice scent, a standard body, extremely hot. I ignored Divisions right from the first time you came to me asking for help. Of course I refused.

Some time later, the Divisions became my lover. I really suffered the most, is the attraction to account the Incense bedding, perfume really makes me tired. Most of the time trial, I nominated Incense into the business, of course, Chief Of agree, because I'm a voice in the company. In fact, I like to hold back Flavor for convenience for travelling.

From there, the lover of the time I am out so much more than my time at home, I bought a flat for flavor for convenience. I don't hide my wife sad, I extend to my wife that, emotionally exhausted, and then it should be freed. The day I take divorce for his wife, her weeping, blame me, blame him I dare you, why your mother with her treachery. But I resolutely parting. I leave the House for his wife, a log book to save with no small amount of money, the children will stay with his wife.

Photo : Spurned his wife, ham young, I hug the bitter fruit for yourself

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The first time after the marriage, because too intoxicated with the beautiful wife so I feel myself the happiest man in the world, but only less than a month later, I started to seep in. Divisions seemed never to hand motion, her fear of broken nails, broken hand smooth skin loss. From the wedding day, the couple also go 2 minutes would eat, never taste cooking for me though is just a pack of noodles with shrimp. More about minutes work, I crave the feeling be gather table-side, with the tasty, warm, family atmosphere, I missed too. Then, my relationship with the public. The wedding is held not long after that, the wedding was, I found really satisfies. Look youthful wife, beautiful, energetic, I feel incredibly vibrant rạo.

Pet Perfume spoiled, wealthy girl, should computer familiarity. At the wedding yet I see how much cute, now see the fuss. Sometimes the work weary, irritating Perfume, with missed me she pours up crying told me not to hurt her again. I have to appease the new Flavor forever hold their.

Then the problem of work, she is not capable. Divisions do business rooms, party, would also pressure revenue, she does not reach then I also bothered because the HA who nominated The flavor., in addition to his work, I have to worry about both job Divisions., would also contact the find customers and contracts to help her. See the series flavor back into me, her play by heaths, beauty throughout. I shall prostrate surfing because of working all day, eat again erratic, not packed.

Because there is no health, too much pressure, the story of my bedding and also not regularly be as before. Incense back blame me, or anyone else outside.

Married for 5 months, I am so depressed, long time over đẵng as year. Increasingly, the more I see his ex-wife and her family before. At one sitting, think again I found incredibly remorseful, I do not lust, not fad swept his wife now where should the unspeakable. For nearly 50 years, my wife's life, but yet 2 is a long parking. I'm must receive the application by yourself.