Stunned when discovered the plot of her husband and twin sister

I know you go to the interview in the times on the British company. He was one of the people who interviewed me that day.

The end of the interview, I go home, I receive calls is the phone number to a stranger. I just heard the machine then heard calling says: "Hello, I'm Ghost?...". Talk to a Muslim, turned out it was the guy this morning to interview me. Suddenly I find fun in the Palm, which is a tall man, portrait. He said, he retrieved a phone number in my profile.

I get to try the company, actually this well I guess soon should also not found too sudden. But the interesting thing, is that I will work in the business, and you are my direct boss.

We remain in constant contact, chat. After more than 1 month from the first call, you confess loving me. Of course I agreed, because I actually love to you, moreover, to you, I also admire. Young you back your high.

Off 3 month trial, I get on the official company do. The relationship between me with his increasingly evolve, he put me on met out family, friends. He said, I will go back a while, and then he would tell parents to ask me about my wife.

The following half year, we organised the wedding. The wedding ceremony there are friends to the fun, there are many people I have ever met, but I particularly noticed a young girl, very pretty, plump face, wrapped citrus next to my husband, I'm also smiling socializing with that girl. Look at this girl's face so familiar that I can't even remember who met somewhere . Incident at his memory, I'm surprised, remember her husband's acquaintance on facebook, my husband with this girl to the family relationship is the brother, sister.

After the wedding, marriage life of the couple I very fullness, happiness. We wrap each other as sam, I'm extremely happy.

Married to be married then 3 months I own, my husband bought an apartment in the apartment near the two companies, he told me, because at that time I was pregnant was more than a month.

One day, my husband phoned her home tonight said, he told me about the rice water soon to help you, and you wait, and then about the same after. I listen to my husband that night, Cook a hearty feast. A moment later to see him about, behind you is a young girl, I doubt ngợ, that's the girl I met wedding.

My husband speak up: "this is the Mai, the sister of him, she new from in South out in Hanoi, will settle here long-term, you know her from me in College, you go to class in fact, accidentally meet each other". I fun Hi Mai, tell her to go wash your face and then out to eat with my spouse.

Tomorrow, quite naturally, she's comfortable dining complimented me cooking delicious. Finish, Mai haul in bags, perfume bottle out of her laptop from abroad about the new, she prepared to donate to me. Mai also said would break will come Cook for me eating southern food Tester, see the North not out with delicious. We talk very cheerful, I love good with Mai.

The weekend, almost a week would also come to my house Tomorrow, I considered like sister, Mai Mai also regarded the couple I like sisters. Mai to help me tidy up, clean, sometimes she's still cooking.

I'm pregnant in the seventh month, the abdomen to outperform, heavy travel. Mai warranty or to children to in along with his sister, her sister ever born then I go. Look at my sisters secret vote that must still do the housework I feel mercy intestines too. I hear the ear should agree immediately Bui Now think again, why I was stupid, I create conditions for 2 people they are in the proximity.

Was I foolish to her husband and her "brothers" trick (artwork)

Since moving to my house Tomorrow, the House is always busy half-laughing voice. But now I notice a nice Tomorrow, the last time to play Tomorrow, dress discreetly so I don't notice. Now about the same, more relaxed dress Tomorrow, those flimsy clothes, the radical breeze bed skirt sexy body of Mai. Not that I don't think husband yihu, but anything thinking that I leave you, my husband is not the type of person like that.

A day off, her childhood friend call University appointment I take a drink of water, she new from overseas. At first I was also afraid to go, but my husband told me to go for comfort, never about then called him to the pickup. So I agree, the child you through my house, we arrived at a cafe next to the school, a few more girl waiting there.

Are sitting talking with friends, I see his belly ache, fear not, there's something I call my husband, almost a dozen that catch the air. I switched to call Mai Mai phone, too. Suddenly I see the Palm hot as fire, gut tells something not right. I'm allowed to swarm you.

Home, found the door closed, but no ass im outside the locked, i.e. my husband stays at home. I go gentle into rén rón. Suddenly they hear strange sounds emanating from the bedroom of the two spouses. I intend to open the door but the lock back in, on a clear sound, the sound gasps, moaning swirling into the heart. I pounded the door frantically, a moment later the door pops open, startled remained on her husband's face, saw me, his face pale, he quickly pushed me out but I was so enraged that back into the room. In the corner of the House is the adopted younger sister are sitting long enough, we panic. Bedding shove back, handful, the brassiere falls chỏng stay tuned right at the foot of the bed ...

I fell to the ground, sat the shock of the pain from the lower abdomen cramps up my hand ... dizziness=


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