Thank you accept wife scene with her husband's lover bed

I still often see mercy for the women betrayed. Must live in the love of being miserable and new share in the pain. I have a doubt, I have also become one of the guys that I have pity and even, I have to bear the pain greater than them so many times ...[links]My husband has just flown from Hanoi to Danang, because I have just received my phone nũng nịu calling for little lover's memory. I hear every word she said, the tone of her baby massage too and both giggled when she said the words of love with my husband.

I hear everything because then, I was sitting right next to my husband and my husband also didn't hesitate to respond to that love outside of marriage .

My husband had publicly United. I have no secret to my wife about this anymore because perhaps, he also no longer wanted to retain the family that long I try to nurture.

My marriage has more than twenty years. More than twenty years, I have a couple of times to the encyclopedia together. Disagreements in life of course but we are solving them.

Perhaps is funny but I gradually found satisfaction with current life. Her husband's lover is very concerned about my children and ensure that the two children did not suffer any deprivation when learning of people.

My husband made the team. He is a very gentle and very good trade, good to know how to care for the family. Take England, who also said I should be a good Department blessed wife such a person. My husband has a career but never because his career that his wife and child neglect, neglect my family.

I was born two children: a son, a daughter. I'm not saying my family plan but it can also be considered the desires of many people.

While your friends own struggled struggled with life, livelihood, I daily just to companies, do administrative work, disengaged the time and money into the beauty and worry for my children because I am not worried and concerned about money.

Economy in the House largely because my husband worries. When the big girl in grade ten, then my husband transferred to Dak Lak to convenience for the striving and promoted.

I don't want my husband away from his career, but because I only know motivate her husband assured, that the sons in addition to this I will be careful.

Uk on Dac being half a year then I hear the news her husband had brake style. At the time, I just laughed. My husband that has United the man the whole world has United. Live with you how many years I know, my husband hated for what dates, there is his wife, and then also this girl sex snatch girl Riding Hood.

I even call to talk with her husband about rumors that the couple laughing together as if it were crap story, not cause for concern. That's just three months later, I was wobbly. Rumors spread out all over the place.

My sister called to say: "If I'm not on the Dac immediately lost her husband. Don't you let me in, children for children that a battle for the husband and wife go pirate paintings habit * ". See his response so I was wobbly.

Located on the most recent flight, I am in Da Nang and then ride into the Dac. In the Agency who know her husband, my husband has a mistress. My husband even with young girlfriends. Because on no notice, so I easily see her husband and her lover hand in hand caress, loving full of warm salty.

I am dead because now no hope whatsoever of confusion what my husband betrayed again. Her husband's beautiful young girlfriends, eating said sharp and her immensely wealthy.

That means she's coming with my husband not because of money. If my husband and she really love each other, then that is how terrible. If it's because of money, I can give the money to her to leave her husband but then I can't do anything.

Was I caught my husband just a little presumptuous and then get back to calm. Exactly like you've prepared everything for this. I turn my son into the Dac in with dad to the child instead I looked my husband.

But the jobs that do not bring results. My husband stayed with hers. You don't put single divorced. I put the menu but not signed. I don't understand your husband wants to do. You just want to be your wife, just want to have a mistress.

My husband too greedy. I am upset with his suffering but I can't find the solution. Sometimes, I visit you. My husband still treat me like nothing has happened.

He even has the idea will help me your lover and live in harmony with each other because according to him, like "double all the way". Little lover's husband agree with that. She didn't catch my husband is divorced to her for a diocese.

The story of her husband's adultery, I become terribly ridiculous when the dude's husband stood out for my two children to study. The times I visit my son, my husband always find ways to arrange for me and his lover slept together.

My husband said, "to give the sisters the mind". I usually don't say anything and she then says a lot. She expressed disdain khỉnh, she treated me like you and think you are, you should eat Department says a extent, there.

Sometimes, I find it surprising because as I'm reasons by "policy" share bed with her husband's lover like this. Talk to her, I slowly understand why my husband decided to start a relationship with her.

I'm just a family of women, low cultural level should be almost beyond what the family and village neighbors story or some crap story usually husband and wife I don't have anything to say to each other.

I cannot discuss politics with her husband, is not qualified to tell my husband what little lover still far higher then the other. She's beautiful, ingenious, talk gently and she is a smart woman. The smart form deadly charm and any man would also it's hard to get rid of it.

Two I-graduate student then. Tuition and living expenses were all due to my husband's lover. I still live in Hanoi. My husband has me as his wife outside the North and has a lover's wife in the South. When out of Hanoi, do you still go home smiling, relaxed and speaking normally treated with I.

My daughter said: "Parents are not divorced with her because I'm worried for his family. Lover story, mom Let Dad ". Indeed, my husband is still very comprehensive family story, a story of two exterior side, do the right thing do the duties and responsibilities of a husband, even somewhat better than before.

Friend says I should find a man to do the seat and to not share his man san with anyone. Perhaps is funny but I gradually found satisfaction with current life.

My husband still do depend very well for me and I have two children, food very good learning conditions. Her husband's lover is very concerned about my children and ensure that the two children did not suffer any deprivation when learning of people.

But recently, my husband I'm out. He shared the same mistress capital to business. Young girlfriends got pregnant eight months and it is a son. I fear that when a baby with lover and then, my husband will ask divorced to marry lover because you need a birth certificate for their babies.

I fear of abandonment. I was too old to start looking for one man to another and begin building a family. I suffer pain because the General scene her husband but became scared when the guys abandoned in General that husband.

If satisfied with the quiet life of marriage that my husband in the same lover and I sometimes get my husband to visit then I'm treated worse with myself? What to do to be happy and to do things the right way.

To me, this marriage was not dead and I found, I can still live with it.=