The mind of man ... the sex addiction

This year I am 32 years old, has a wife and one son was four years old. My family is very happy, my wife is a woman with attractive looks and a warm heart, she always knew how to care, to care, to share the joy, sadness with me.

Everything is not fine, neighbors, friends and relatives look at who wish there was a cosy family, happy as my spouse.

I aspire to be "sex" with a strange girl, professional as

the girl I ever slept with-artwork

What just happen when I start or funny applesauce with a male colleague. He flashed a dramatic victory, "StorageWorks" faience gravel on the Forum, socialnetwork page.

According to him, the girl knew through the virtual world has just been no enough about sex, not afraid to spread the disease such as a girl "made money" that is, sex is also very professional. Furthermore the relationship together is purely voluntary, collaborative style, likes to, don't like the split.

Listen to mention that I feel curious, so my free time is often on the social networking site to make friends, make friends with the girls. Good-looking in appearance along eating said favored, easy to reach the ear should just after two months I had partners on the virtual world.

We make appointments together on vacation homes to confide about hobbies, life and sex. After that, wonder why I felt longing for sex with strange girl besides his wife.

I spend a lot of time for the online, the desire to explore the unknown girl to get acquainted on the network. And the ultimate goal is to break into the House she was asked to do something adult.

So I noticed that every time the opportunity I back into a relationship with these women know. Regardless they are tedious than or more than my wife, as a charismatic magic I on the external relations of the spouses did not resist.

But behind the staggering situation, after the night of free sex, passionate power agreement, when the steps, his wife, is I feel the day end, felt villainous, brazen. Feeling himself unworthy of his wife and child.

Sometimes I also like to terminate a relationship with a strange girl. The thing back the party, how tedious, monotonous sex she's boring me, I could not reach orgasm, don't get that feeling up top.

The nervousness when in bed with his wife makes me yearn to be sex with strange girl, as her professional I've ever slept with. I back into dating, familiar to sex with the girl on the virtual world.

I wrote up the center line to relieve the mood, relieved in the heart, emotional libido desire subsided so I can live happily the wife gentleness. Finally please get advice from other siblings.=