The severe sunstroke with Sir thanks once tapped

The couple married sister is 5 years. My husband, sister of the famous "gentle as the land", from the feedback about never married siblings to the encyclopedia together. But if there are any problems, "rice does not heal, not sweet soup" I just hậm a few hours huh. However, he too finished out the Bureau of miluo city, taken together these years never was a Word with her juicy, Tet also never be the gift, wedding anniversary there when you're not sad memory. At first Ms. sulking, but he also didn't change anything so long eventually you can't help but accept. The "punching opaque dot of sauce cáy" but don't go phéng léng where is was comforting his self, his sister.

Assured in "archaic" husband, she can't take care of yourself sad. The day before his daughter left her sister how much momentum and rhythm, then now she xuề xòa. About buying clothes just fit, neat is, I don't care about this fad, fad. Dark finish, fitness or instead mask skin relief, she buried the head in view these films come out to coax the sleep. The asleep, she also struck a vivid till morning, that is out of date.

The life of the couple she come quiet like that. Until one day, sister agency new boss to replace former boss transferred. Right from the first, she was overwhelmed by the appearance of phong Tran, nam computer Chief.

Suddenly, you find yourself in need of more beautiful in front of my boss. Throw away all the old clothes rusting, you invest a whole day to go buy dresses. You treat yourself to a facial at the spa, which since she married yet once done.

Just a peek of a sister she is the boss fun all day ... (Artwork)

Gradually, both bodies who are also amazed at the change. Look at me like younger age of dozen, gentle, almost beautiful, fun. Ladies teasing sister, roommates look at poetry like love Omer. She just leaned face, laughed silently. Every time my boss came, just a sister glanced boss made you see the flaming rạo, have fun all day.

But I don't believe my husband is my sister recently saw you must be fun, maybe just longer bath just sing, whistling. Last week, the day of her sister's husband also asked his wife for a walk, and then take you to the West Lake for ice cream. She surprised, didn't understand why her husband suddenly left.

The sunstroke's sister, and then also on the end, it was a beautiful day, she walked across the room, Chief, inadvertently hear the General boss wife: "She's about to go, come here to do anything, I have that hunger to bring death to the organs, intestinal fever". Turns out, my wife my boss brought rice to lunch for her husband, she suddenly goes, people don't like that, is my husband that eat says so are stars. At the right there my wife boss steps out, the face bow gằm. She sees the world in a hurry like I just went through, not heard anything inside.

How feelings about gentlemanly man suddenly vanish going where you think clean, whispered: "turns out to be the only strong on the surface, anyway its better still house husband billions".

Night, sister of soon, cross market buying less fresh food. Tonight, she will cook a really delicious meal for my husband. Husband extra cooking sister whirring, son involved lo chat. She undertook to find yourself happy too, so long, as do my sister won't warm up the marriage .

She silently thanked the sunstroke with the boss recently, thanks to its new sister realized she loved his family. From now on, I will try to add more fire for his marriage.=


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