'The tam Peng' when her husband 'to his' colleague

My husband I undertake to State agencies, also I do in other units enlist "feet in the foot, in addition to" to earn extra income for the family. Despite having two children but my husband is still very fondly and his wife. In all, the couple are both discuss sharing with each other.

In the body of her husband, her old school friend H is to me so the two families are quite close. She usually through my house ... H Many at her lament that also injured her husband, then the master project for a foreign company should go smoothly, family conditions than my home but tough on the road. In part because of the sad should last week she or House for comforting and to hear the voices of children.

Bitter when knew this truth ...

Also the women so I understand the longing for motherhood, told the couple also clear enough, "must quarter" but also did not hurt. Many at the two sisters talked happily with each other she H says: "or told you for a lovely kid like this is good too. I envy my sister! ". I also just laughing again: "you are my home land classified guy then I'm for always" ...

The light some time not seen her house call visits are you H Security pregnant should limit travel, I also ask, cheers and appointment when she visits. Exit on drift seepage time baby I asked to visit her.

The baby boy's Grand khỉnh but I doubt ngợ when the baby is identical to my second son. The mother's feeling right this baby is related to her husband.Home I ask manual but my husband just falter. When being asked to pack, I admit, because she so he implored "for children" and both promised not to relate to each other and my husband doesn't need to be anything for the baby. I'm as crazy about what I just heard, I do not believe a man who has made claims of two children missing and thinking. I thought people would not gossip when the baby is growing like you like casting, then people will think the Agency and I how heads up with brothers, neighbors.

Wrath because the husband, I leave to go home to mother for my husband Advisory itself about what his cause. Leaving you, the children who feed, but keep I think I can't survive with the speculation, gossip.

The telephone of her H immediately after the night I went out causing me to think. She was also crying, sorry my spouse and I forgive. Contrary to the harsh attitude of me then she only cried that I still hear the step through the top of the line phone. She said: "just when full, I, I will join her husband settled abroad, some day I fly. I don't look forward to Ms. forgive but look forward to be overlooked for England. "

Now, I am back to take care of my husband, she occasionally H also known about asking visiting family. I am not tall enough to to forgive the faults of others but know my life and accept other people then I do. Sometimes I remember to remember a child's face, just like my husband as casting, which is no longer a little wrath and hope they will live the good side of the Sun.=