The wife texted her but sent it to her husband, and the husband flew home to find his wife in this position

There is a good husband, love his wife, but Cloud still feels dissatisfied. She was a bastard husband, nothing interesting. And then Sunny sunshine - the man is also married and 5 years older than her. Adultery with Hoang, May is quite discreet and never met in the city because of fear of acquaintances finding out, Cloud saved Hoang's name as a switchboard number to avoid her husband's discovery.

One day, he suddenly received a message from his wife: 'I want too, I come now!'. The normal wife of the new week is close to once, and now suddenly, this is a hot reward. Nam must come back and enjoy it immediately. Leaving the whole house, looking for a wife, he was shocked to see his wife in a familiar posture, but the happy person with his wife was not the other man. Oh god, his wife has an affair, she sleeps with a guy behind your back, what about that message?


Reckless when he caught the result of his wife bringing him home, howling, he was angry. He took a few pictures and rushed to scold the other guy in a dust bag. Shocked when her husband suddenly came back, Cloud trembled and dressed and told him.

- I . I was attacked by this guy who raped me, I pleaded with him but he didn't forgive me. You came back at the right time, I saved you, I was miserable, humiliating, sir.

- You made a perfect script, but you probably don't know that I mistakenly sent you a message but even for me. Are you the same shameless woman who brought you home to sleep like you? I love her, so much so that she is still not satisfied?

- I . I don't have an affair, do you have to trust me?

- Believe you, can you tell me about your ears? This guy really loves her but is not stupid to let her plug the horn again and again. Am I not the lord of the horns you understand?

- I'm sorry, but I only have an affair this once. Can you forgive me, we are husband and wife, and we have children, why can't we leave each other? You don't do that, you're sorry for me.

- If you think for your children, as a mother, you didn't work this infamous. Go, follow me fast.

- Where are you taking me?

- Where to go and then engrave it clearly.


Nam pulled his wife out of the house and brought him straight to his parents' house. Do not understand the South couple have anything but the face of the daughter is swollen, crying and Nam is vicious. Thinking that Nam beat his wife, his father-in-law slapped him.

- Who allowed you to beat my daughter, it is your wife and not the sand bag to anger you, then fight to fight.

- The daughter of an adulterous father, brought him home to sleep. If it was Dad, would you mind leaving it alone? I bring back my parents good daughter, this kind of unruly woman I don't need!

- Cloudy, what the guy said is true?

- I'm sorry, are you wrong .

- Son, she is foolish, I forgive her this time.

- Sorry Dad, the pride of a man doesn't allow me to do that.

Leave your wife there, South straight. He did not expect a day when he was horned, his wife did it to me. Give it your heart, love your wife, but in return, this is your disregard and betrayal like this?