The woman who robbed the husband of the world not only received a bad guy but also carried 4 more retribution

Never be proud to rob other husbands, women forget that what you rob is also just a betrayal. Today they betray their lovers, betray their wives to come to you. Sooner or later it will be their turn to betray you to follow another woman only.

Not to mention not only robs a bad guy, the woman who robs the people of the world also has a heavy and terrifying karma.

1. Humiliating marriage, fading career name

Having brought the label as a third person to step into the happiness of others, the whole life will have to carry the reputation of being the one who robs her husband. Carrying in the name of robbing her husband for a lifetime, it is impossible to hold his head high if he accompanies the other man. People pointing, peeking at a guy jerking her husband, what is fun?


Everyone who knows what will despise you, despises a beautiful, talented woman who has to go grab other people's husbands without finding his own happiness. Colleagues alienated, despised friends. Therefore, the work will be increasingly disadvantaged, no longer have the opportunity to develop as before.

Don't expect to rob a decent man. Once a decent man, a good husband, they never leave his wife and children to follow a mistress like you. Then one day you are the one who betrayed surely the pain is not small.

2. Snatching someone else's husband is not only at fault for himself but also for being filial to his parents

Once a third person steals another's husband, the woman not only has a reputation for a lifetime, but also drags her famous and abused parents. People will point their parents at the responsibility that they do not know how to raise their children so they will give birth to a child who will snatch another husband.

Parents use their whole life to nurture and take care of you, but filial piety has never been able to cause them to suffer heartbreaking day by day because their mistakes have never been the right thing.

The shame and disgrace your parents suffered cause them pain. Their feelings are very sorry for their daughter's former wife, the child no longer has enough parents just because his daughter's selfishness makes them even more heartbreaking. This torment lasts forever, making them unable to live peacefully and happily.

3. Children bring karma from their parents

Isn't it often in life that there is a law of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect always exists, only when it comes.

Women themselves are people who have to endure the peeking eyes, neighbors who have been scrupulous colleagues have had to give birth to children will also suffer the same scene. Which is that people say: 'Your mother snatched her husband', and they were blamed: 'Your father left his wife and children to marry your mother.'

People say that parents sow whatever seed they will reap. The father is a traitor to the wife, the mother is the one who snatches the world, then the children can live happily and happily. Later, the children will live in torment, even follow their parents or have an unhappy marriage.

Women can live emotionally but just because of love makes many people suffer, live a little more rationally.

4. Karma until afterlife

Stealing a husband's world not only robs a bad guy, but also carries more karma forever after his life. A lifetime has not paid off debt with people, with life.

Because no matter how this life tries, the next life still cannot avoid poverty, being treated badly.

Women deserve to be happy, marry a good husband, suitable for them. So, why go and rob the people to rob a bad guy to carry more heavy bad karma later for suffering.