This kind of for the fallen woman?

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Sometimes, just ask yourself, why the man always has a way to go back, even if they come back then still be loved more, and those women like Ms. trót fallen once again, never have a chance to do again.

Sister husband also each betrayed her, that's what she , she is weak health stale, beyond abdomen should hand back the story of bedding 2 husband and wife must abstain. Her husband, she's so adamant, is situated on the wife every night, he tossed off sighed again rotate the right side, the other side. I know him very well, but you can't do anything else, you have to think for you. She encouraged her husband, come on try me, wait for me born in back is done right. My husband, sister sister, embracing you understand. My sister has just funny, poor you just saw.

So he sneaks her awkward external theft. The moment she read your messages with the other woman, the sister of pain as anyone càm a knife stab into her sister's heart. I'm sorry, my sisters feet was not curbed, he just wanted to find a place to release only, rather than absolutely not in love with the other woman.

She's so hurt, but the thought of a child in the belly of the preparation, the thought of gratitude the couple long wiper eye sister, forgive me once.

After that, you must change, you spoil my sister. She is also much more eased. He cited Sun's joke, not one day, she again got pushed into the situation.

B. older sister, one time is way more beautiful, are co-workers on teasing her sister still bodies "a girl that looks worn eyes", the beautiful sister of that salty style, full of đằm.

She reached the range of boss. That is a man of poise, brains that women would in the company also secretly admire. The Chief interest of more jobs, in addition to sister always proved helpful, special favor.

She noticed her boss's feelings, she initially intentionally avoiding the constantly growing, gradually, she gets the attention of your boss makes wobble. She goes right into the nightmare of her husband, sneaky back along with my boss.

Things just messy when his wife Chief revealed the truth. She made everything up, um call both the husband to hand catch the boss and you're hand in hand in the cafe on the street. Each successive picture her and Sir sneaky dating, holiday house, time, location. She has been hired by the boss-wife detective watched without knowledge.

Husband watching photos, hands shaking, then, eyes still red, he slapped his sister in the Mainland. No one can stop to help her.

Photo : This kind of for the fallen woman?

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She turned to demand rescue Chief, powerful man on usually disappear, he bowed, a sentence she said no protection.

She ran under her husband, tears regretting dropping Lü BU new. She arrived at the House, I sit at the table with my face extremely furious. Single sheet physics Kiss signed, just waiting for you. My sister crying begging him for forgiveness, to now, she still did not forget her husband's cold, saying: "I thought how beautiful she is, turns out to also just kind of mediocre woman. Now you have no what to charge me again. At best, you sign away, I freed her. To this extent then also hold together what to do anymore ".

She regrets, if I'm not foolish that live like instinct, that the wise sisters over everything wouldn't like this. Husband don't forgive, now divorce she certainly also do not spend is entitled to . Ms. coping, self cursing himself.

Why the woman's fall back never had the chance to turn around, if the husband she opened for her forgiveness, she will never again mistake. The sister responsible for themselves, but also for his mercy. She temporarily became the woman white hands, lost his career, his family with little son.