Though the pet to those wives, men will still adultery

And I promised I would cut with the girl and at home for 3 months I believe you love me, plus, dan ong co, gai, dan, gaming sac ...

I have been married for 13 years, love the new 5 year wedding, and to now be three children, son daughter enough. We opened a private company, should the couple together. Look at our looks very beautiful, you look handsome form, I very pretty girl (who also look at all the compliments I am young and beautiful just like the larger new girl is the mother of three children). The economy is very stable, and there are many truck business.

My husband wife child dimension dimension, or very asked me to go to the movies, go eat, last week carrying three children go where they like. I like what you're carrying goes buy, or just what the appetite is also transported to the place. In the work he was very smart and sharp, I good at managing and communicating with people. He's nice to kiss me and the baby, but maybe kiss me is the most, midnight near morning if I wake before he kissed me, also on board, the kiss doesn't count. You said I was your gold Bureau, all the assets you are to me and how the paper is committed if there are English only please leave 1 in 3 children.

But the two years he made me very sad, that's the time I discovered you know a girl next beer. I love that girl, though beauty does not equal half of me, but my reaction was too so I left that girl. Even her crying begging phone calls directly to me. You promised and swear before the altar incense is left you there for I believe. Leave that girl is 6 months, are you familiar a she other young workers. He just confessed to me. I am not shocked or hurt at all, I feel too sad to laugh, why he is such a human being, my side kissing you spoil me is such, that a month off the road there 2-3 times as have others or so?

He said just over the road for fun, without doubt that happened incident during a get, she has help for uk beer bottle, should now face girls have a huge scar, if the heartless too. I just told you, if you really love and will not do anything you people gauge went out with people, I accepted some equity, but I request you never meet me again. You say you love me, and she's just pity. I say if you pity should go too. And I promised I would cut with the girl and at home for 3 months I believe he loves me.

I myself have a lot of people like and pursue. I don't know whether I should live with him for life, for a long long time will have a scar which you have caused me or should I freed myself, so life is always fun and happiness. The right way for me at this time. Or tell a man is the same way, though with his wife to those and then well go affair. I look forward to getting advice from everyone.=

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