What do I do to get rid of scenes 'ready to divorce dream?'

(MissNews)-have things as there are people now more sorry, old lover and first love for me is like that., dong to di, nguoi yeu cu ket, hon ...

Me and him know each other from childhood, the students also love affair lasted nearly 5 years was profound. In time love, 2 baby boy also identified the school will get married, but that time I have not got the job so his mother not agree. Finally, I parked in the country, the competition moved to the countryside to live and work, our love affair before definitive risk burden from middle of the road.

However, the time I go home to work, we still talk frequently. The holidays, you're still getting the car from Hanoi up my house, I sometimes also down to visit him. The distance, distant only do the nostalgia of our brand more devastating.

Almost 3 years and I just used about your loyalties. My parents impatiently, not get accepted, like you guys have no charm, but like this, I fear I too missed, then set on fire. Since then, I've nearly 27 years ago.

Finally, under pressure from his family, I am forced to breakup decisively. That day, we were crying so much, my pain to illness all week. Last night I suffered nostalgia he tormented, sleeping that tears keep flowing out, I shoot weight, do the omission, no depressed areas up.

Almost 1 year later, my mother thanks to the matchmaker for me a bunch. I don't think many, nod agree, anyway to me now, having taken one also does not matter.

My mother matchmaking than I was two years old, he is currently a . Married, the of my relatively peaceful. My husband, responsibility, family economic stability, generally I almost do not have to worry about what to think.

Photo : What do I do to get rid of scenes 'ready to divorce dream?'

What do I do to get rid of scenes In the past month I always live scenes "ready to divorce dreams" (artwork)

Only one thing makes me just after, it's no old man silhouette sight faded in my mind. In next to my husband that I just thought of you, seeing my husband work what I also looking silhouette of old lover. Each night, even 2 husband and wife closer, I just close your eyes, imagine the man are the same as the old. I'm pregnant, and my son's name, Bin cu students I also named that day before still in love with you, you two or later will set for you. I live the same nightmare, a horror, how many years ready.

With her husband, good husband to me how much more work the nostalgia in me grew much, love things unfinished just makes people regret, not to mention we parted not because most of love, which is only invisible by Huu Duyen.

I remained silently watching him, years in which he has yet to get married. Child you play with me and he used to say, since I'm married, you don't love other people more. In his story, even mentioning my name as he expressed pain do not conceal it.

Only my husband is oblivious, he didn't know him before, I have a deep love affair is so heavy. He's still good to me, considerate care of me little by little.

Man I now as divided into two halves, one half I live because of the responsibility with her husband, also half I always towards old people. I know how is the fault with my husband so much, he is a husband, a good father. But I'm really not mastered his emotion. Can anyone give me advice, I need job a share right now.