You line up and I go to bed

Also along the same poverty, growing on arid land dried, actually, I'm with you there is no different. However I am lucky because there is a little beauty, faraway. In return, my husband back so hard life famous though packed no packed hungry but basically you pass on.

Getting married soon, I also gave birth to her first son when you circle 21 years. A girl like me, living in the poor countryside should also not daydreaming, but indeed is still people intend to flirt with me, but I hide my husband very carefully should my husband knows. In it, indeed I also have little reasons with a man I hardly ever lane. When my husband, or no solace and encouragement, sometimes also buy little gifts small, as touching me. I sometimes still with you messaging, but never go too far, I still keep a distance and prevent her step over the boundary's fragility.

I have betrayed my husband ...

Then when the kid at home was more than 1 year old, my husband does not know listening to anybody, a claim the ink go Labor export and dreaming life, he will go to Europe to do electricians, heard thousands of dollars monthly. I never dared to dream to the large amount of money like that but a cartridge holding her husband at home, because happiness is all new, I haven't seen the money go, but away from my husband, didn't know the temptation, to which many people apparently get married and settled, that's not to mention me the 4 years , then you have not yet familiar face. I cried a lot and please think again, but I don't listen to the lyrics, go borrow enough money to have style "trunk" to the broker to go do it, despite I dissuade.

At the right are collapsing for the neighbor man reappeared, he suddenly grabbed my hand and sharing that will always be in my sidebar, I have no intention of the out and down as input to compound the whimpering and crying like a child. Now, I know that was unable to control his emotions.

3 months later my husband, before also telling something, appointments for several years. I also know just nodded, but my hunch is that it will be the last time we saw each other, the couple had an emotional rift make impossible to heal. He boarded the plane and I returned home, I also not too sad that accept life does my husband, I will go to the fun, and fun is you neighbor that I have many days over the theft of awkward. I hugged him and we have "ties" with each other right in at my husband are going to the promised land.

I know that shit alone because her husband had betrayed her, did not fall keep up no stain is going to be, but when looking at small children, I see the truth with errors. Right then I hugged up Hanoi, stay away from love pitfalls are. Hope 4 years my husband will return intact for me. ..=