3 Vietnamese beauties take care of their hair in showbiz

Changing hair color is the fastest way to make changes. However, you will transform beautiful or less beautiful, it depends on a lot of factors. Especially when testing colors such as platinum, crimson, smoky gray ., the owner 's appearance is easily degraded because it is all very picky dyes. Yet, Vietnamese showbiz also has at least 3 beautiful people who are not afraid to "paint" the most difficult colors to play and still shine with a stylish, cool look.

1. Toc Tien

The new bride of showbiz Vietnam has a very diverse fashion style and according to that, the way she makes her hair is always new. In addition to frequently changing the styling for short hair that has become a brand, Toc Tien also takes the pain in dyeing colors that not everyone dares to try such as: orange pink, orange red, platinum . And though being close with so many messy hair colors, but Toc Tien has never been down. In addition, when returning to the gentle brown hair, Toc Tien's untidy spirit still did not improve.

Toc Tien is gradually asserting that she is a potential new fashion icon of Vietnamese entertainment industry. Not only perfecting the style of everyday wear, the beautiful singer also transformed her hair as magical as her name "Toc Tien".

Not following trends or any new hairstyles, Toc Tien creates a brand for herself with short hair. It seemed like it was framed in some common hairstyles, but in one way or another, the voice "No one is better than me" varied and varied.

Not only changed from straight to curved, color and short length, Toc Tien only had a hairstyle in only 2 weeks, which made many fans gasp.

2. Hoang Thuy Linh

Previously, Hoang Thuy Linh was still attached to traditional black hair or at least dyed brown for a brighter, more youthful face. It was not until the singer decided to play big with all the trendy colors such as platinum, smoke gray, smoke pink . the people realized that it turned out Hoang Thuy Linh had a face that could balance beautiful colors. dyeing is so difficult, so beauty and style have also promoted.

3. Min

Min's style is always interesting, interesting and fashionable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the singer is not afraid to shake hair colors as "playful" as: gray smoke, platinum or pink . The visuals all helped the female singer's visuals explode.