4 food help you eat how much much younger

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4 food help you eat how much much younger Eat watermelon helps you prevent are aging.

Young's goal was the top priority of the sisters in my life today. The youthful here including the healthy physically and mentally, from the skin for youthful fun spirit, optimistic and energetic body.

But to choose to be the way would help "preserve" his youth are long then not everyone knew and whether they know not sure did the right thing.

Instead of using anti aging creams flooded the market, many carefully selected properties of foods to fight off all the problems related to age.

Green cauliflower

Green cauliflower has many anti-aging as vitamine C, E and beta-carotene, rich in fiber, iron ... Make right this vegetable supplements on the menu to fight the ravages of time for your skin and body.

Sour milk

Yogurt is always appreciated in the longevity of human beings. It is rich in calcium and protein – two very important factors in women is often not enough supplements in the diet. It's also less carbon hydrates, rich in vitamins A and B group. You can mix fresh fruit or honey with yogurt for a delicious feeling. Red grapes

Red grapes is gold mine filled with resveratrol, an antioxidant with extreme good for health and great anti-aging. According to research published in the journal Science suggest that you should be eating red grapes regularly. The reason is that resveratrol in red grapes activates a protein has the ability to increase health and longevity. Watermelon

The radicals will make sick cells in the body, leading to premature aging and disease. The best way to combat it is a diet rich in antioxidants. Research shows that there is content in watermelon Lycopene, antioxidants, help avoid heart disease and cancer. Watermelon is also very rich in Vitamin A and C, both substances are causing your skin you are always strong and youthful nude, and protect you from diseases related to old age.