4 hair colors are never outdated, which Korean stars actively promote

In 2017, brown-brown hair, mossy green, 2018 was smoky gray, 2019 was charcoal gray, . every year there was a new dye, but all of them just stopped at the trend. But there are hair colors that are always "beautiful feet" always beautiful but never outdated. Here are 4 hair colors that Korean stars love to shed because they are both beautiful and never outdated.

1. Platinum gold

Platinum gold is the hair color that almost every K-Pop artist has to try. Because it not only helps lift your skin tone but it also helps you to stand out from the crowd. And this hair is also quite picky, only those with fair skin can wear this hair color.

Platinum gold is a bright yellow color that can be combined with platinum light fibers. This hair color when going to events or on stage are extremely attractive and catch the lens. Thanks to this hair color, many stars are "born" of typical beauty like Rosé (BlackPink) or Taeyeon.

2. Cold brown

Cold Brown is always "true love" not only for K-Pop artists but also for a lot of women because of its basic nature, easy to but still very beautiful. Cold brown is a harmonious blend of sweet warm brown with fashionable moss.

Cold brown is always trendy and elegant in every situation.

3. Red

No need to mention the love of women for this red wine anymore. The red color stands out but does not flicker but is like a premium wine. This is a perfect combination between pure red and a little purple pink.

Not only does the red color stand out, it can transform many different concepts from the youthful dynamic to the glamorous beauty or the rebellious girlcrush.

4. Orange coral

Coral oranges are probably the hair color with the highest "fashion". The sweet orange color of the sunset plus the radiance of the coral make a magical hair color. Coral oranges are very prominent but also very pleasant.

If you know how to combine it with different styles from dynamic to elegant feminine or classic retro, it will bring you the best aesthetic effect.