As your age grows, your skincare process needs to change the following to 'stay young and not old'.

At every moment, the skin faces different problems and needs special care.

As the age grows, the skin follows, which changes in a less positive direction and this is an obvious fact that we all have to recognize.

This leads to a task, that is, at every age threshold, you need to adjust the skincare route every day to deal with skin problems promptly, ensuring that as you get older, you can still maintain it. youthful and fresh colors like 'aging backwards' or at least, not falling into an old age.

So how to change skincare process wisely? Below will be the answer for you.

Under 30 years old

Just like your body, skin below 30 years of age is generally healthy, not faced with many worrisome problems. Therefore, the task of skin care at this time will focus on moisturizing, nourishing the skin more healthy, smooth and protecting the skin to prevent it when older, the skin is easy to aging without braking.

Accordingly, the necessary skin care steps at this age threshold can be shortened including: 2-time cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating skin for a more bright, smooth and most important is to apply sunscreen. .

From 30 - 40 years old

At this time, some functions of the skin began to decline and the most typical is the ability to self-regenerate skin; As a result, chestnut skin becomes dull, rough, pores are more visible and the skin becomes old and lifeless. Besides, dermatologist Neil Sadick, in New York warned: 'This is also the time when wrinkles appear more clearly.'

So what should this skin care process at this age focus on? According to dermatologist Neil Sadick: 'The skincare process at the age of 30 needs to focus on the exfoliation step with AHA-containing products, helping to remove old cells, stimulating the regeneration of new, bright and smooth skin. membrane and healthier. Besides, applying sunscreen with a minimum index of SPF 30 is an important and indispensable action to protect skin every day. In the evening, moisturizers and retinol products help stimulate collagen production to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin '.

Thus, in addition to the familiar skincare steps such as exfoliation and sunscreen, over the age of 30, you should add retinol-containing products that are considered to be anti-aging "gods", helping to prevent and remove them. blur effectively signs of age such as wrinkles, sagging skin or darkening .

From 40 years old

'Turning into the age of 40, deep wrinkles and other signs of aging start to appear more like darkening, sagging, less firm skin,' said Dr Neil Sadick. For that reason, your skin care process should be diverted to the goal of curing and resolving age issues.

Specifically, according to Dr. Neil Sadick: 'The solution for skin at age 40 is to use retinol regularly during the daily skin care process. In addition, you should use more serum vitamin C to bring a bright, more vivid look to the skin and help blur dark burnt spots that appear due to the effects of the aging process. ' In short, if you used retinol only with moderate frequency, when you were over 40 years old, taking retinol regularly every day and supplementing with vitamin C serum would help solve age problems quickly, skin also become more youthful and smooth.

Finally, to serum vitamin C and retinol best, you should take serum vitamin C in the morning and retinol in the evening because retinol is very sensitive to the sun, and antioxidant vitamin C will help protect Protects skin from external impacts such as sunlight, environmental pollution.


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