Beauty tips to keep the skin smooth and standard shape of Mai Phuong Thuy's sister

Mai Phuong Thuy's sister, Mai Ngoc Phuong, was born in 1993. She has a beautiful appearance and looks like her sister with a height of 72cm and a lovely face.

Although not participating in any beauty contest, but everyone has to acknowledge, Ngoc Phuong possesses a super cool look that is not inferior to her sister.

Ngoc Phuong possesses white, smooth skin like baby skin. However, the beauty admitted that she did not take care.

Mai Ngoc Phuong maintains the habit of covering paper masks 3 times a week for healthy skin and shiny skin.

For Ngoc Phuong, the most important is the step of cleaning and moisturizing the skin.

Every day she cleans out clean makeup to remove dirt, whether or not she has makeup, then the necessary moisture supply step.

And every day, she doesn't forget to apply sunscreen even in the office.

So even after turning 26, but Ngoc Phuong still makes others admire because the skin is glossy, smooth without blemish.

So just natural makeup Ngoc Phuong is enough to attract the opposite person.

In addition, Mai Phuong Thuy's sister also possesses a neat and pretty body.

Quite discreet in private life, but every time she uploads photos showing off her body on her personal page, fans get a buzz.

The beauty said, she currently does not participate in any sports training.

Fortunately, she has a fairly compact, comfortable eating position without being fat.

Beauty people try to maintain not eating after 19pm and eat high sugar foods.

"Saying that people may not believe but in fact I don't have too many secrets to take care of beauty," shared Ngoc Phuong girl.

Although she was mobilized to participate in beauty contests, she said: "I don't think I need to participate in a competition to prove myself and moreover I don't want to become a celebrity" .

Currently, this beauty has a peaceful life besides her cosmetics business.