Bright white smile, breath tho only 1 minutes per day

The ancients have the sentence "the hair, the teeth are human angle", radiant smile not only created sympathy for the opposite but also help you add more confidence when communicating. Can do no good eating habits, eating a lot of sweets, carbonated drinks, dishes too hot or too cold ... damage to tooth enamel. When the glaze was easy lesion formation of plaque, causing the stain, making dull teeth. That's what makes you lose confidence.

Nradiant smile dock created sympathy for the opposite but also help you add more confidence when communicating.

Use coconut oil

Lauric acid in coconut oil helps to create the plaque bacteria on tooth and breath tho. Use the finger massage a little coconut oil onto your teeth every morning and brush your teeth and rinse with clean water.

Banana peel is a good friend of shiny white teeth, by the active ingredient contained in the activity as a banana peel magnets take the Gold Plaque of ugly stain on your teeth left by swallowing eating process.

Not only that, the vitamin D have in bananas will allow for a lot more teeth. All what you need to do is use banana peels Scrub gently onto your teeth and to within 2-10 minutes, then brushing the back teeth, gargle and clean you will incredibly healthy and glossy white! Pay attention not to rub on the margin causing bleeding.  Besides, every tooth pain you can use banana peels to do cure toothache, using banana peel rinse, add sugar to the same amount of water boilers just enough, to cool, drink two times day cure toothache.

Use Apple Cider vinegar make teeth white

Apple Cider vinegar just helpful in hair care has just helped stain teeth whitening. Please gargle with Apple Cider vinegar daily before brushing.

Eat Crunchy vegetables

Texture help abrasion of crunchy vegetables as apples, asparagus and carrots will rub and slowly purged away yellow coating on the teeth. Let's drink to accompany the dairy products to balance the pH levels in the mouth.=


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