Do you know Jisoo (BlackPink) beauty queen makeup that is beautiful and flawless?

Jisoo (BlackPink) is famous for the golden ratio face according to modern aesthetic standards. Thanks to this face, Jisoo can "balance" all kinds of makeup in the world. But recently, Jisoo's "Miss Korea" standard makeup has caused fever throughout the famous beauty forums in Asia because of the great aesthetic effect it brings.

Why is it called the standard "Miss Korea" makeup? Because when wearing this makeup look, Jisoo is extremely beautiful, elegant and has the same atmosphere as a true Miss. Especially for Korean girls who like transparent makeup but still have to cover the defects of the face.

Her base is extremely thin and light, and the skin color is not too bright. The face block is left unchanged without creating feats.

The eyebrows are drawn in a horizontal shape with the tail slightly lowered and light but light eyebrows to create a youthful softness for the face. The eyes will be drawn as a cat eye with a thin eyeliner with a long tail extending up to an angle of 45 degrees.

The eyeshadow part is used mostly in brown, copper, gold or coral pink to help the look look better. Especially under the puffiness of the eye and close to the lower lashline, Jisoo adds powder or highlight powder to make the corners of the eyes bigger and the eyes brighter many times. Jisoo uses long, curled lashes to form small and not too thick lashes to prevent aging.

Jisoo's favorite lip color in this make-up layout is the gentle, sweet colors but still have radiance like coral pink, burnt orange or light pink.