Drinking water 'resuscitation' cheap, high efficiency

Many people "distress" to the water after attending the spring too the momentum or feeling exhaustion "form". But, is this the type of help rehabilitation effective?
According to Dr. Dao Thi Yen Fei-Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University HO CHI MINH CITY. Upto 250 ml medium type water containing 25 g of sugar. If the user runs out of water on demand will exceed the recommendations on sugar intake in a day for ordinary people (under 20 g/day/person as recommended by the National Institute of nutrition).

Photo: InternetAs such, those who suffer from diabetes, obesity ... If the drinking water is ... not okay! For children or the malnutrition, anorexia ... when drinking water will be "no" exacerbate malnutrition status. Caffeine in water also is not good for people with stomach pains, nervous disorders, stress ...So, there are many types of nutritional drink cheap but highly effective, health-enhancing medium medium increasing resistance, in which the lemon juice. Lemons contain many vitamins C, A, B, E; the minerals potassium, iron, magnesium ... so, there the effect quickly after drinking. Take regular passion will help skin beautiful, bright eyes. There are many ways of passion mix: combine lime juice with orange, lemon green tea with apricot, mixed with sweetened condensed milk and ice.Besides the use of Lime Wire do drink, lemon ice cream wire can be used or eaten directly not through processing. Very sour passion, but when eaten directly type the sour sweet pineapple medium, moderate reduction. Also there are people picky, eating jelly making delicious and very quick to drive the fatigue.

Photo: InternetEasy search for the water is lemon juice Salt, salt guidelines. This is considered a solution of electrolytes to compensate very well, especially for people who sweat too much out and tired. Lemon rind, salt guidelines also help "light" in the case of the Golden belly, detoxification, the body element. The amount of sugar and salt along with vitamin C in lemon cups salt will help the healthy body quickly.Fruit juices in the "family line" Orange, lemon, Tangerine, grapefruit also help dispel fatigue, increased strength for the body. The specific time zone has pomelos 80 g 100 g: water, 9 g glucid, 0, 6 g protide and minerals: Ca, P, Fe 19mg 23mg 0, 0, 7 g fiber, 5 mg of vitamin B1, 04mg B2, 0, 0, 02mg, 0, 3mg, C 95mg PP. Pomelo not only rehabilitation but also "contribute" a large amount of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.
(According To The Afamily)
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