Finally, the most beautiful beauty of the Philippines returned to her beautiful long hair like a goddess

Marian Rivera is one of the famous actors in the entertainment industry of the Philippines, scoring for its sweet and gentle beauty. In particular, smiling eyes and long, wavy hair are said to be the unique identity of the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines.

Owning a delicate face and sweet beauty, long curly hair is the perfect choice for the mother of two children to show off her "rare-to-find" advantage.

Despite many years of continuous faithful to a hairstyle, but Marian Rivera has never made fans bored to see her charming, charming beauty.


No need to change hair or dye color, beauty born in 1984 just transformed with a hairband installed ton - sur - ton with clothes is enough to help the appearance always innovative, multi color.

However, since the birth of the second gentleman, the extreme beauty of Marian Rivera has been many times controversial on social networks. Besides the body is no longer slender and naughty as before, the decision to cut the long hair brand of the mother and two children has also been the subject of many mixed opinions of fans.

After giving birth to a second child, Marian Rivera cut off her long hair that has been associated with her image since entering the entertainment industry. The decision to renovate this image made many fans feel regret.

Because although the short hair brings a more youthful and new beauty, it also loses the actress's charming, seductive and extremely sharp attitude.

Besides, many people also think that with a round body postpartum, this head somewhat makes the appearance of Marian Rivera clearly see the balance.

With the "wind changing" screen, which did not satisfy the fans, everyone expected that the beauty born in 1984 will quickly recover the image of the "goddess of beauty" before.

And not disappointing fans, most recently, Marian Rivera has just posted a story on her personal instagram to announce that she has returned to her long, fluffy hair. Immediately, these dreamlike images were actively transmitted by people.

Attending the commercials, Marian Rivera had a temporary hair extension to serve the work. Although it is connected, fans have mostly praised for her attractive and beautiful appearance.

Gentle long hair with light drooping hair contributes to the elegant beauty of 8X actress.

Combined with the sweet pink makeup, it's hard to believe that Marian Rivera has turned 36 and underwent two births.

In the pictures posted by a fashion brand after the photoshoot, "Filipino beauty" continues to delight the fans by the radiant beauty and full of vitality.

Looking at this series of photos, it's no exaggeration to think that the new long hairstyle is the "true love" for the pure, sweet beauty of the "goddess" of the mother of two children.

It can be said that the hair renewal is only temporary, but most Asian fans hope that the most beautiful Filipino beauty will soon return to this sweet and gentle image. Because undeniably one thing, for the owner of a round body and less slender postpartum like her, long curly hair bobbing will help the appearance look balanced and more attractive.