How to fix saggy belly, pasty when beyond 30

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When the greater age, hormonal changes, the body begins the aging stage harsh women easy area of abdominal fat, gain weight fast and difficult to control. Step into the age of 30, the sisters often worry more because the abdomen begins flowing paste, the body becomes heavy, slow and less flexible.

This limited the ability of metabolism and biological rhythm disorders, from which the old speeds the body's chemistry. Fat accumulates many places as neck Chin, sagging belly, thighs, biceps, calves to make women look older than his real age.

Photo : How to fix saggy belly, pasty when beyond 30

How to fix saggy belly, pasty when beyond 30  

Regular exercise 2 exercise movements

Action 1: Sit on a Chair, his back straight, verticillastrate legs, hands up natural knee. Slowly turn your head to the left, turns reaching as far as possible, taken 2 times.

Then, make on to the right. Relax in comfort and continue to perform tasks such as the following: dial a necklace, turning 3 times. This exercise has the impact to neck, shoulders relax, helps the body relax.

Action 2: put the couch on the left side, left foot steps up a wide step, right foot in erect posture, left hand put up Chair, stretch right hand, fingers facing up, the eye looks in the direction of the finger (see figure).

Then, turn the right hand down, down, so that the hands parallel to the ground, made the 5-10 times. After performing at the left is finished, rotate the back to make the right side. A similar exercise, perform 5-10 times.

This action had the impact to the spine, relieve back pain, doing chest full. Special reduced fat in the waist, firming the muscles in the biceps. Breakfast eating bananas and drinking hot tea

7 days of the week you are eating bananas and drinking hot tea dissolves fat, excess fat to the body quickly.

Every morning before eating, you should eat at least 1 ripe banana and after eating, drink 1 cup of green tea. Green tea and banana will make your fat consumption significantly going that you can feel seen after 1 week.

Banana and green tea not only lose fat that when you drain it in the morning, your body will more awake after a long sleep, eating bananas help you focus the intellectual and working a lot more efficient. Drink green tea after every meal

For those who are overweight, obesity, belly fat loss fast want green tea is one of the drinks should maintain daily. An exercise science, a reasonable diets the same 3-4 cups of green tea each day helps you shorten time for slimming. Green tea can help the body burn 100 calories per day unit. You will see a distinctly fat loss after just 7 days of drinking green tea.