How to help your older child so that does not need collagen supplement

(MissNews)-do not need collagen supplement you can still young so long just by the simple ways., beauty, fitness, yoga, young long, wash your face, the products contain alcohol.

Clean the skin

Photo : How to help your older child so that does not need collagen supplement

How to help your older child so that does not need collagen supplement Wanted older long are you never forget to clean the skin.

Use the right products to your skin. Do not use ordinary cake SOAP for the face and neck. Detergent SOAP in easy to take away the moisture needed. from there, the skin loses elasticity, become more sensitive to the effects from the outside. After washing the face, use Add rose water to the skin healthier and more youthful. If dry skin, should not choose what products contain alcohol.

Less use of cosmetics

Limit the use of face cream as they age. Taking too much cream background on the skin will make the skin grow old quickly. Cosmetics should be used only when necessary, and switched to using the creams are background natural ingredients to keep skin young always.

The secret to younger looking skin massage long

As we age, the skin loses elasticity, causing many wrinkles. Regularly massage the face and body to take care of skin structure, enhances blood flow and maintain the skin. Use these natural oils are good for the skin or cream used to massage the face.

Green tea

Japanese women drink tea not only because it is the traditional culture but also for the sake of beauty. Tea, especially green tea, which contains excellent sources of antioxidants, which help the body healthy, toned, smooth skin.


Soy is also one of the traditional of the Japanese people. In addition, the Japanese women often drink soy milk, just provide energy for the body, just skin. They processed a lot of dishes from soy, of which the most famous is the tofu, miso soup and edamame (boiled soy mixture one).

Exercise regularly

This is a suggestion not to be missed for those who want to own a fresh young skin. The habit of regular physical activity and a has been certified as having the against the body's aging process. Please select the gymnastics, sports match preferences, fitness and their living conditions. If the Foundation time too limited, these simple yoga moves right at the desk.