Huyen My continues to shock the fans when revealing the perfect face on her face

Runner-up Huyen My, when she was wearing a beautiful make-up, was a beautiful girl, and when she removed her makeup, Huyen My's beauty was still so attractive, even younger and fresher. The desirable rustic face of the runner-up has a significant contribution of pink and white skin, which is as smooth as frost, resonating with the elegant and elegant contours.

But if you "zoom" more carefully, you'll notice that Huyen My also possesses a enviable beauty, which is a long eyelash.

Even so, over time, due to make-up, use false eyelashes regularly, the real lashes of the girl was allergic, falling off quite a lot. Unfortunately for Huyen My, but the sisters also learned a "bloody" beauty experience, that is, to preserve long eyelashes naturally, it is a trick that women should rely on in a reasonable way. ink.

Nguyen Tran Huyen My is a name that is no longer strange to young people. Starting from a teenage model, Huyen My had a spectacular breakthrough when she became runner-up (Miss Vietnam Contest 2014). Referring to Huyen My, the public will remember the beauty who has a sunny smile, a naive physique and a sophisticated behavior.

Not only a successful person in the career, runner-up Huyen My also made the public admire by the youthful and young beauty and sexy style. So, when pouring out the make up class, the beauty of Huyen My still makes the online community brusque?

After removing makeup, showing off the delicate facial features, from sharp eyes to the coconut nose, beautiful mouth .

Understanding the hearts of beauty believers, the Vietnamese runner-up has speeded up sharing on her personal Instagram page about the secret to help her get rid of hidden acne and how to get the skin tense. Besides, beauties also emphasized that it is thanks to chemical skin care products containing ingredients such as Retinol, AHA, Niacinamide, Vitamin C which are gold compounds in the "village" of Skin-care.

Huyen My shares quite details when divided into 2 skincare cycles for day and night. Specifically, every morning when she woke up, instead of washing her face first, she would use makeup remover oil first. Then use toner to balance the moisture. The most important step in the daytime skincare routine is the use of vitamin C, the runner emphasized: 'The extreme mistake of not taking vitamin C during the day, because it adds sun protection to sunscreen by about 10%, to the sun. not burning the skin too, but wait 20 minutes to apply the next layer of maintenance. '


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