It is not everyone else who is the queen behind Huong Giang's 'divine' figure

It was a kind of pose that lightly swept the skirt, and her arms slightly moved to the sides. This style is considered easy but difficult because if it is not flexible in the movement, it is impossible to produce a beautiful image.

But it is a small affair for Huong Giang because above all she is the founder of this kind of confusing styling.

A long, sleek dress that went to Huong Giang's hands was like she 'sprung' silk in this kind of melancholy pose.

From the facial expression to the swinging hand, Huong Giang is like 'the devil coming out.' Strictly speaking, she is the master of this 'divine' styling.

This style of styling is not accidental, but a thorough reflection of Huong Giang. Because of the investment of 'silk making' with investment, she fully exploited the advantages of the dress.

With Huong Giang long skirt sweeping the whole land she was 'good at handling', the dresses with short skirting parts are no problem at all.

With soaring skirt designs combined with the style of camisole has created a resonance on the absolute.

Along with the beautiful outfit, the impressive styling style is two factors that determine the 'top' spirit of Miss Transgender.

It is known that this style is used by Huong Giang when participating in the International Transsexual Missing in Thailand. Then she constantly used it again and gradually became an unmistakably 'brand'. However, because that 'brand' has not been registered by her, it has been used by countless Misses and other runner-up 'cover'. But not everyone is as ecstatic as the 'mother' of this style.

Miss Vy Vy is the leader in learning Huong Giang. In the framework of participating in the 2018 Miss World in China, she has 'sprung silk' by throwing her skirt to produce the most sparkling images.

Right after that, this screen of Tieu Vy was matched with Huong Giang. But in terms of skill Little Vy is still 'immature'. That's why some fans commented that she was too dumb and clumsy.

Vy has learned from Huong Giang, but her demeanor is not yet ecstatic.

In addition to constantly clashing with a dress with Huong Giang, Do My Linh did not hesitate to imitate the 'transcendental' style of transgender beauty. Looking at this picture, many fans silently whispered and if it was worn by Huong Giang, the situation was different.

Miss Do is still quite shy, losing her charisma and natural looks.

After Miss Xiaowen, Do My Linh, Hoa Minzy was the next beauty to pose positively of Miss Transgender. The singer impresses with the pose of Huong Giang. Thanks to the mimic styling from the way of throwing slender skirts to the charismatic 'open-mouthed lips', Hoa Minzy quickly occupies the spotlight of the red carpet.

However, she is not the most perfect 'replica' in this pose.

The person who was supposed to be the 'perfect cover' posed for a pose of Huong Giang was the Phuong Nga runner. Admiring the posing image of the runner-up, many fans speculated that she had many times "mastered the religion" Huong Giang, so that she could 'sprinkle' the art so much.

If there is a prize for this 'cover' stage, Phuong Nga deserves to be the champion.


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