It turned out that these are the secrets to help young Truong Ba Chi, who is almost 40 years old

Cecilia Cheung held her 39th birthday with fans a few days ago, she also sang on stage although it has been a long time since she performed publicly like this. Although there are traces of time on the face, it is still a beautiful beauty for everyone.

Is the cult beauty of Hong Kong entertainment industry, is a star who rains and storms all over the film capital of Thom Harbor, Truong Ba Chi is always mentioned by acting talents and gentle beauty, bar Strange and intriguing.

No matter what Truong Ba Chi did, her love life was chaotic, "box-office poison" but there were still many people who liked her, like her frankness and beauty. There is no female star like her, even if the marriage is incomplete, she continues to want to give birth because she likes it. She also doesn't care much about her career, she can give up her job to give birth and she knows she can still re-export after birth.

Undeniably in Truong Ba Chi, even though life has many ups and downs, but she still retains the beauty that does not fade but increasingly salty over time. At the age of 38, Zhang Ba Chi pays great attention to protecting the moisture, moisturizing the skin, and going anywhere she also carries a water bottle to promptly replenish her body. She never forgot two things when going out there: mineral spray and sunscreen. At the same time, Ba Chi eats lots of fruits and drinks plenty of soup and vegetables.

In addition, the actress also shared regularly with black sesame seeds and squeezed large members, then drank with water. Eating black sesame seeds will help black hair smoother, very beneficial for internal organs.

In addition to protecting skin moisture, Truong Ba Chi also focuses on sun protection and whitening. She has advice for women that is applying sunscreen everywhere and not necessarily going outside to use sunscreen.

Of course, not everyone who eats black sesame seeds like Truong Ba Chi, at the age of 39 she can take care of it, of course, not just relying on black sesame seeds.

Truong Ba Chi shared the secret of beauty for everyone. She is not afraid to "show off" the perfect wood surface that makes people admire.

Cecilia Cheung is still single and she spends most of her time caring for her three lovely sons. Through many broken relationships but Truong Ba Chi still does not give up the pursuit of love, she hopes to find a true soul mate.