Learn the most sexy girl Kpop eat so beautiful and most standard

Although many people often blame HyunA this level is too thin compared to the regulations. But it is undeniable that this girl still possesses a three-round measurement that makes everyone fall in love. HyunA revealed that she never starved her stomach and even ate 3 meals daily.

Maintaining a scientific diet and appropriate exercise methods help HyunA's body always maintain its flexibility and health. If you are curious as to what HyunA has in order to keep your posture, learn 4 eating tips from this girl right away!

1. Remove starch from the daily diet

Foods high in starch such as rice, noodles . can increase the blood sugar index in your body, thereby making your posture "dump the sea". It is also for this reason that HyunA's diet often does not have the appearance of starches. Instead, they are high in fiber and protein to help HyunA get enough energy during the day.

2. Eat only a small amount at each meal

Don't care too much if you don't want to lose control. After a certain age, metabolism will work poorly so you need to build yourself a healthy eating habit. At each meal, you should only eat a small amount. In addition, you can also break down into many portions of the day.

With HyunA, this girl often breaks down the menu into 5 meals a day to help her body always get enough energy to work. And this also helps the body avoid accumulating more calories, causing obesity, overweight.

3. Chew slowly when eating

A way to eat can help you eat well without your body gaining weight, which is the habit of chewing slowly when eating. HyunA used to chew more than 30 times each dish and eating so long helped the brain to produce a full reaction, which made the body no longer want to eat too much. At the same time, this also helps the stomach do not have to work overload and support metabolism to work better.

4. Never sit still after eating

After eating, many people often feel full, so they just want to sit on the spot. However, HyunA never did this. Instead, after each meal, this girl often stands up and goes around the house or doing some simple things to avoid excess fat in the abdomen. Thanks to that, HyunA's waist is always very small, making everyone jealous.