Learn the secret to having a perfect round 1, slender and round 2 round of Vietnamese beauty

The first round increase, the second round reduction, the third round lifting is not difficult because the secret of Vietnamese showbiz beauties is not difficult as people think.

From the past to the present, the phrase 'Most beautiful, delicate skin' has always been a norm to evaluate the beauty of a woman's appearance. If you have a neat, toned, sexy figure, you are still 'spring' even when you are 'old'.

Send to the sisters a series of know-how 'increasing first round, reducing round 2, lifting round 3 ″ from beautiful people owning hot and glamorous body of Vietnamese showbiz.

Your body is your choice

If you desire to have a body that is not only beautiful but also healthy, it is completely within reach. As long as you want it or not. Of course, it is a journey that requires persistent effort and patience to achieve what you want.

The subject of 'Your body - Your Choice' believes that after the secrets of shared companions, you will find a positive way to take care of your body, and return it to the state you are in. believe is the best and the strongest.

Possess 3 hot rings, each beauty has a special secret. In order to have a round 3, Minh Tu has 5 exercises. Elly Tran adheres to a special diet for the hot first round. Miss Earth's waistline of 2018 Nguyen Phuong Khanh is thanks to wrapping her waist since she was 16 years old. Find out the specific secrets of these beautiful people!

5 exercises for toned round of Minh Tu

Minh Tu is one of the beautiful people who possesses a sexy round 3 thanks to persevering practice of 5 'gold' exercises.

Possessing an extremely sexy round 3 with a measurement of 95cm, Minh Tu practiced the following 5 items:

Picture 1 of Learn the secret to having a perfect round 1, slender and round 2 round of Vietnamese beauty

Lesson 1: Squat - weightlifting squat.

Squat is the 'king' of butt exercises, affecting most of the lower body, buttocks and lower back groups. When practicing, keep your legs wide with your shoulders and your feet slightly pointed out.

Lesson 2: Walking lunge - practice the first step

Lesson 3: Barbell Hip Thrusts - Weightlifting hips

Lesson 4: Stiff Legged Deadlift - folds and pulls weights

Lesson 5: Bulgarian Split Squats - Stand one leg with double weights

Each exercise is 4 rounds, each 12 times. Practice 5 lessons at the same time. After every 3-5 minutes break then start the next exercise. Just 3 times a week is enough.

3 dishes to have a full round like Elly Tran

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Elly Tran's bustling bosom partly comes from a special diet dedicated to the first round.

Although she was the mother of two little angels, Elly Tran still made many girls jealous of the standard body and the first round stretched like a twenties. The secret of the mother of 2 children is the following special diet:

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1. Soy beans

Soy is the No. 1 food for the first round, because it contains a large amount of isoflavones, similar to the hormone estrogen, which is good for improving the size of the twin 'mound'. Dishes made from soy are good for round 1 like soy milk, tofu .

2. Swing green enough

Green papaya stew with ribs, red beans or beans . stimulates the development of milk glands and breast tissue. Green enough to work well for mothers who breastfeed. But if you are pregnant, you should not eat green papaya.

3. Chicken stewed with soy beans

You can stew chicken with papaya or high fat, protein nuts such as lotus seeds, soybeans . and then eat with rice, bread, which can help improve the first round quickly.

In addition, Elly Tran also performed massage movements to increase the number of measurements. 1. Massage helps blood circulation in the chest area, enhances female hormones, firming chest muscles. Specifically: use the left hand to massage from the bottom up, and use the right hand to rub the mountain about 20 times in about 10-15 minutes each side before going to bed. You can combine breast massage when bathing in the shower to firm up the breast tissue and increase the size of the ring 1. (Note: limit hot water bath to avoid drying the skin, the breast tissue is also loose, easy to sag.)

Besides, the mother of two children also takes care of the breasts by softening and softening the first round milk mask: mixing two tablespoons of fresh milk with 1 tablespoon of sugar-free yogurt, then rubbing it on the chest, leaving it in within 20 minutes then rinse, 2-3 times / week

Wrap waist to have a small round 2 like Miss Earth 2018 Nguyen Phuong Khanh

Picture 4 of Learn the secret to having a perfect round 1, slender and round 2 round of Vietnamese beauty

Possessing a hot S-shaped appearance with measurements of 90-58-94, Miss Earth 2018 Nguyen Phuong Khanh has wrapped his waist continuously since he was 16 years old. During the day, the beauties wrapped their stomachs with a rubber band, and at night she used an iron bandage to fix it. This method helps Phuong Khanh own a small waist, has a clear S-shaped curve, and pushes the fat to accumulate more for the third round to expand. In addition, she also takes care of the gym every day. Thanks to this way Miss Earth has the ant waistline, beautiful curves and straight back. If you want to have a dreaming waist like Phuong Khanh, at least you have to follow this method for 3 years or more. What a lot of perseverance and effort!

Miss Earth 2018 Nguyen Phuong Khanh wraps his waist from the age of 16 to have an ant waist

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