Lip skin care is never as bad as Nam Em did

Not a single girl did not put her hand on her lips to pry, peeling off the skin flaking off. This is a habit in the unconscious that you usually do in your spare time. Especially in the dry and cold weather, the temperature drops, the lips are dry, flaky, making lip licking and peeling of the lips take place more and more. The result of licked lips, prying the lips does not help the lips feel soft, dry as you think even more terrible consequences.

They need to remember one thing that they can never use their hands to peel off their lips like Nam Em.

Even using tweezers to remove lip skin is not okay.

When the lips are dry, lip balm is the most necessary step at this time and the act of using your hands to peel the lips needs to be removed immediately. When the weather is cold, dry, combined with licking and peeling lips, your lips will become worse and lead to bleeding, cracking. If this condition continues the fragile skin will face severe weather that makes the lips become dull and difficult to regain the natural pink.

However, it is not possible for the lips to flake off like that, you need to remove the lip skin, at least let the nutrients of the lip balm be absorbed evenly on the lips, or else it will help the lipstick to color naturally and evenly. color.

If you keep the lips like this, make sure that when applying lipstick to the lips, the peeled skin will be darker than other skin areas; At that time, when the lipstick is good, it cannot be evenly colored and is beautiful on lips.

Absolutely avoid using your hands or tweezers to peel lips. If the skin is peeled in this way, the peeled skin will be pulled and affect other skin areas, the more dry and chapped the lips if it is peeled.

Instead, use a small pair of scissors to remove the flaky skin, which will both clean your lips, be safe for other skin, and be painless.

Remove all peeled lips with your scissors so you can apply lipstick comfortably without fear of pain like the way you peel your lips. Dead skin is removed, helping the lipstick to the standard color and more beautiful.

With just a very simple operation, you can handle dry chapped lips this cold season. But remember, dry lips are lack of moisture, so you need to be moisturized, don't be distracted and take care of your skin care!